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No description

Ana Lopez Cuadrado

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Renault

Description of Renault Market Segmentation Positioning Diagnosis Thank you for your attention 1. Manufacturer of vehicles.
2. Presence in 118 countries
3. 128.893 employees
4. Key factors: competitiveness, innovation and international expansion
5. Europe's leading brand
6. 38 industrial sites in 17 countries ELECTRIC CARS Renault Electric Cars A SBU
New car concept
Zero emission, same performances and electricity supply infrastructure.
Aggressive promoting strategy TWiZy Fluence Z.E Kangoo Z.E Segmentation criteria: Demografic Criteria Age: Young People
Sex: More for Men
Family: Small families with kids
Firms: For corporate businesses environmentally friendly Socioeconomic Criteria Income level: Medium class income
Lifestyle: People living in the city
Social class: status Validation Analysis Marketing attractiveness evaluation Competitive advantage evaluation Renault Matrix 1
Determination of product to consider Competitors to consider 2
Identification of the determinant attributes Based on questionnaire results:
Financial conditions 3
Construction of the positioning map 4
Analysis of the current situation The positioning map on the basis of the dimensions quality and financial conditions suggest: Renault:
The lowest quality perception
The best financial conditions
competitive advantage in terms of financial conditions

Toyota and Chevrolet:
Proximity between them in terms of the 2 attributes 5
Determination of ideal positioning 6
Joint consideration of positioning and segments 7
Analysis and interpretation of the results 8
Selection and definition of target position top right quadrant No brands satisfying both needs
Brands aim to reach this segment
Increasing costs for better quality
Rising Prices
Best quality, higher prices Top right quadrant High quality and goof financial conditions Renault :
-Good financial conditions
-Poor quality Competitors:
Top left quadrant Product SWOT Analysis Analysis of Vulnerability Analysis of Potentiality Diagnosis Strengths and Weaknesses Brand BCG Matrix Renault vs Honda ADL MATRIX Schedule Selection of the Marketing Strategy Establishment of strategic alternatives Determination and evaluation of strategic actions for the achievement of objectives. Aggressive Marketing Campaign of Twizy cars.
Participation in fairs and events focused on electric cars.
Improve the production chain.
Achieving profit objectives by increasing prices.
- To attract new consumers= promotion
- To eliminate the perception of. high prices and low battery = promotional ads.
- Organization of fairs and events.
- Raffle 10 Twizy cars in the social networks •Objectives setting and determination of the strategic GAP Sales Objectives Profit Objectives Consumer Objectives Increase the sales in a 25%
from 1.800 to 2.250 cars
18.000.000 € Electric cars sector will grow in a 20% which will mean selling 360 more units
2.880.000 € GAP= 5%
selling 90 cars more
720.000 € Our goal is that next year the product is 1.2% more profitable.
Our Gap is 1.2% and the profit objective would be the increase in inflation plus a percentage in this case is set at 1.2%. Improve the image of electric cars for young people.
Increase our consumers loyalty rate.
Improve the customer service.
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