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Puritans and Predestination

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Ryan Kelly

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of Puritans and Predestination

Puritans and Predestination
Were called Puritans because they wanted to purify the church of England.

The people attracted to the Puritan movement not only were reformers but also men and women looking for religion during a hard time in England.

Congregationalists and Presbyterians

Education System
Attempted to create a tax-supported school system in 1642
Designed to teach literacy and religion
In 1647, government ordered every town with 50 families to establish an elementary school and every town with 100 families to establish a secondary school
Education was necessary for salvation
Puritans and Education
Puritans established the first university in the new world, Harvard, in 1642
Signs of Salvation
Puritans believed that their ability to master their inner evils would provide evidence to other community members that they are among the elect of saints.

"Elect of Saints"
Those chosen for salvation by god ahead of time

Puritans followed the teachings of John Calvin which were based on the control god had on the world and peoples lives.

The Puritans thought that by having good morals, praying whenever they get the chance, and reading the bible they could please god.

However, Predestination was the "idea" that the will of god alone determined ultimate salvation for them, not good behavior or attending church
Plan to Serve God
To show god that they were worthy of salvation the puritans created a plan to serve god

They stressed working hard and always having a good work ethic. In the eyes of the Puritans showing that one was hardworking was a great way to please god. The emphasis on work made every individual equally worthy in the eyes of god.

The Puritans also formed congregations(groups) where everyone prayed for salvation

Last they wanted to convert as many people possible to find the Christian truth in their hearts.

Puritans lived as if they were destined to be saved.
Nobody really knew if they would be saved or dammed
Established the first printing press in the English colonies

Religion and worldly views taught simultaneously
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