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Theodore Roosevelt

No description

tara colquitt

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Theodore Roosevelt

Roosevelt Domestic Policies Railroad regulation;
Gave Interstate Commerce Commission power to set maximum railroad rates. Hepburn Act in 1909 Death of Mckinnely
Republican Party
Do whats best for the people Conservation Help the common man
Regulate business monopolies
Everyone has a chance to succeed
Fair dealings between businessnes, consumers, and workers Square Deal 46 years old 1901-1909 Reservoirs and irrigation systems to the midwest Newland's Act in 1902 Creation of
National parks
National forests
Bird sanctuaries Improved the meat packing industry Pure Food and Drug Act 1908 Wanted United States to become a global power Foreign Policies "Speak softly and carry a big stick" Peace talks
Nobel Peace Prize Russo-Japanese War 1904 France + Germany = Peace Supported Colombian revolution
Panama formed and gave America permission to build canal
Connected pacific and atlantic oceans
1st President to leave country
Strong military in Central America Panama Canal Youngest President
Nobel Peace Prize
1st to leave country
1st to go under water
Author of 35 books
Art collector
Athlete Interesting: Social and economic justice for all Americans
Food industry
Expanded US influence and power
As Progressive, helped modernize industries and politics
Expanded powers of the presidency Administration Teddy Today 9
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