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TRACK 2: PRE-SHOW The Journey of a First-time Trade Show Exhibitor

Tips and tools for first-time exhibitors. Track 2: Pre-show covers 1) contracting a booth space; 2) planning; and 3) pre-show marketing. Follow along in the manual found at http://goo.gl/njLuYN.

angie deyoung

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of TRACK 2: PRE-SHOW The Journey of a First-time Trade Show Exhibitor

The Journey of a First-time Trade Show Exhibitor
Contracting a Booth Space
Booth Space Options
Inline Booth
Perimeter Booth
Peninsula Booth
Split-Island Booth
Peninsula Booth
Island Booth
Pre-Show Marketing
Recommended for first-time exhibitors
Recommended for first-time exhibitors
Note: this example is a 10'x20' booth; a 10'x10' booth is recommended for first-timers.
Pick the Right Location
Consider: How much space do you need? Remember...
Consider the proximity to hall entrances and exits
Consider the location of competitors
Whatcha got over there?
Just looking...
Watch out for columns and obstructions
Consider main versus ancillary halls
Watch for move-in sections/freight aisles
Download the
Prepare a Timeline
5 Key Planning Principles
Determine measurable objectives
Read the Exhibitor Services Manual
That doesn't sound like a lot of fun...
Meet discount deadlines
Pad deadlines
Always have a Plan B!
Personally invite buyers to your booth.
Consider scheduling a time for them to visit.
Send buyers a postcard invitation
Additional Exhibit Space
Track 2
You're done with Track 2: Pre-show!
If you're required to take the Quiz now, visit

If you're ready for Track 3: Show Preparation, then click here:
Download the manual at
Start-up Directions:
Click the "full screen" rectangle icon at the bottom right of the screen.
Click "allow" in order to use your "forward" and "back" arrows to navigate.
Turn up the volume in order to hear the audio portions of the training.
Click on the "right" arrow on your keyboard to advance to the next "slide" in the presentation.
Download at: http://goo.gl/AqVbd4
Download at http://goo.gl/OAOZkN
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