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Can I understand how to use description to create character?

No description

Lucy Hinchliffe

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Can I understand how to use description to create character?

Must: Understand the term ‘connotations’ and how adjectives can be ‘connotative’ in language.

Should: Work in a group to create a description of a celebrity using connotative adjectives – both positive and negative.

Could: Develop your description by adding similes and metaphors where you think they will be effective. How can I use
description to create character? Starter Guess who? Your favourite celebrity... How do these words make you feel? Positive and Negative
Connotations In your envelopes, you have a pile of adjectives.

Sort these into two piles - one of positive and one of negative connotations.

Be prepared to share your ideas!

Once we have shared, you must write down in your books a definition of connotation. Write a description of you meeting with your
favourite celebrity without giving away their name.

This means you have to describe them very
carefully for the rest of us to guess who they are.

Use adjectives with POSITIVE CONNOTATIONS (you like this person).

You can use adjectives you have used before or new ones.

Make sure you are focussing on their character, though you can describe their appearance for clues. REMEMBER: your learning objective asks you to create character through description. 30th January 2013 generous grumpy Red This person is one of the most lyrically brilliant rappers to ever live. His albums 'Blueprint 2' and 'Black Album' are two of the most successful in history. He and his wife were active supporters of Barack Obama during the last presidential campaign and make their liberal political views clear. He also seems to be a loving husband and father to his one year-old, Blue Ivy. Though he has had several nasty spats with other rappers during his height of fame, age seems to have mellowed him and he has kindly collaborated with a number of mainstream artists lately and helped them in their rise to fame. Don't shout out! If you know, write the answer on your post it and stick it on the board. How did you
know?! Was it
just the description
that gave it away or the connotations of character? Describe your celebrity In groups, you will be given a celebrity to
write a description of.

Do this using ADJECTIVES of positive and negative connotations depending on their


One member of your group will then come up to the front and read out your description to the rest of the class. They will guess! Write down the adjectives you use in your books, sorted into positive and negative columns according to their connotations Ext: Self Assess -

Underline all the adjectives you have used and write a list of their connotations in your books.

Add metaphors and similes to your work where you think appropriate. When I met my favourite celebrity, a comedian, I was very pleased to find that he was just as funny in real life as he is on DVDs and on stage. He offered to buy me a cup of tea, making a joke about me being cheap! He talked a lot about his family and his upcoming tour and made me feel like one of his friends. He was never rude or ignorant like you hear of some celebrities being. We ended the meeting on a cheerful note, and he gave me a hug and said he would look out for me at his next show. Peer-Assess your work! Did you get a very positive impression of your partner's elebrity?

Did they use lots of adjectives with positive connotations?

Give them a 'www' and 'ebi' and suggest alternative adjectives for them if you can think of any! Can anyone name this effect? Connotation:

The associated
meaning of a
word or phrase.
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