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Tolstedt's 3rd Hour The Veldt

Kylee Miller, Noah Garey, Kate Hansel, and Abby Hill

Kate Hansel

on 15 April 2011

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Transcript of Tolstedt's 3rd Hour The Veldt

Internal External The Veldt Character Plot By Ray BradBury Setting/Point of View Conflict Setting is the place, time, weather conditions, social conditions, and the mood or atmosphere. character - people in the story who carry out the action External The point of view is the angle from which the story is told. plot - action series of events in a story Theme Theme is the morale of the story or the reason behind writing the story. The theme of this story is that you can't buy happiness. Our group believes this because it made the kids crazy enough to kill their parents. Types of P.O.V. Innocent Eye-story is told through the eyes of a child
Stream of Consciousness-narrative mode that shows characters thought processes
First Person-the character narrates the story and speaks for themself
Third Person omniscient- told from someone who knows everyones feelings and emotions in the story
Third person objective-narrator tells the story without telling any of the emotions or
Third person limited-reader experiences the story through the thoughts and senses of just one character Man vs. Self Man vs. Man Man vs. Nature Man vs. Man Gorge - worried about his kids and is trying to make them independent. Gorge is a parent Other people think of him as a father how doesnt know what to do. The character and another person Man vs. Nature The character and the world around him Man vs. Society Lydia- worried about her kids andis trying to make them happy. Lydia is also a parent. Other people think of her as a worried mother who doesnt know what to do. This story was told in the third person limited point of view. The reason I know that it was third person limited is because it was told through the thoughts and senses of George Hadley, who was the father in the story. What point of view was
the story told from? Windy - is worried about them shutting up the nursery. She is also mad at her parents for turning every thing off. Other people think of her as a spoiled brat. The character and the government George and Lydia Hadley bought a room for their kids Wendy and Peter. The room was full of mirrors and whatever you thought of appeared around you like you were really there. George and Lydia were concerned because instead of thinking of Alice and wonderland their kids were thinking about Africa and lions killing. Their concern led them to call a counselor who told them to turn the nursery off. The childern got so upset they locked their parents in the room and turned it on. The lions in Africa became real and killed the parents. Man vs. Self Setting of the story The character and his fellings Summary: The setting of The Veldt is in a house that is cleaned and maintained by robots. Man vs. Supernatural The character against the not real The time is sometime in the future. No actual year is given by the story. Introduction:
In the introduction the author tells about the house, the nursery, and the kids. No weather or social conditions are given to the readers. -something gone wrong The mood of this story is tense because the kids and the parents are arguing and they disagree on the nursery getting shut off. Rising Action:
The parents shut off the nursery because the childern were having disturbing thoughts. Peter- is mad at his parents for shutting every think off. He is also mad at his parents for locking up the nursery. O the people think of him as a spoiled brat. Main Conflicts Man vs. Society Climax:
The parents are killed by the lions. Man vs. Man The parents want to shut
off the room because
it is disturbing the kids
but in their society that
was the new thing to do . Falling Action: Dr. McClean
comes over
to the house to
help the Hadleys leave
but he came to late,
because the adults
were already dead. Resolution:
Sitting in the nursery, Wendy asks Dr.McClean if he wants tea. The parents and the kids
are fighting which leads
to the kids killing the parents
in the veldt. David McClean - is trying to help the family so they can be happy. He thinks that the kids have a mental problem. Other people think of him as a psychologist.
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