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PAC Resources - Benefits and Compensations

No description

on 6 April 2015

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Transcript of PAC Resources - Benefits and Compensations

Poor Management / Leadership
PAC Resources - Compensation + Benefits
Company Overview
Comprehensive Compensation Management System


Treat employees as adults

Use all of allowed time off

Adapting a program can be a challenge

Must establish clear guidelines

Require request form at least 2 days prior

Send sick workers home

Selling back unused days
SWOT Analysis - Overall Company + Compensation and Benefits
Increase Customer Base

Restructure Labor Force

Implement Training Programs
Overall Company
Overall Company
Compensation + Benefits
Compensation + Benefits
Overall Company
Overall Company
Compensation + Benefits
Compensation + Benefits
Government Regulation

Economic Conditions

Technological Advancements

Shields Reputation

Safeguards Profits

Reduces Probability of Lawsuits
Develop Recession Strategy

Survey Oversaturated Market Rates
Revolutionizes Business Functions

Internal Cost-Saving Strategy

Compensation Management System
Human Capital Struggles

Reduced Inventive Thinking

Loss of Practices

Legal Issues
Combined Program
Employee & Managerial Relations
Threat of Pending Lawsuits
Established Company
Training / Maintenance
Compensation & Benefit Programs
Competitive Pay
Employee Benefit Programs
PTO, Vacation, & Sick Leave
Unfair Practices
Unethical Occurrences
Broad banding
PAC's Bonus Plan
Benefits Package

View as paid vacation

Come to work sick

State regulations can be demanding

less than 1 year-- 15 days
1-2 years-- 19 days
3-4 years--20 days
5-8 years--23 days
9-10 years--24 days
11-15 years--26 days
16-19 years--28 days
20+ years--29 days
Allen Ledbetter
Kaycee Spahn
Blake Hansen
Chase Wagner
Ethan Perryman
Colten Mays
Kevin Mirzaei
PAC is a small manufacturing company that specializes in computer components. It is located in the upper Midwest. Sales have been depleting as of late and PAC is trying to resolve financial difficulties with reducing their cost. In addition to this, employees are complaining they are dissatisfied and some employees are not pulling their wait.
Organizational Structure
David Dukakis
Founder & CEO

Mark Schilling Cliff McNamara
Second Vice President Former CFO, now Sr. VP

Patricia Harris Ben Trudeau
HR Director, 2007 to present HR Director, 2007 to present

Kellie Stephens John Culbertson Kim Wong
HRD Compensation & Staffing Man.
Benefits Man.

Jose Vasquez Steve Wilxon Kathy Davis
Safety & Security Employee Relations Benefits Coor.
Manager Manager

Diminishes Awareness of External Market Rates

Leads to Perceived Inequities

Lack of Cost Control

Reduced Promotion Levels
Saves Time
Benchmarking Tool
Improving Merit Bonus Plan
Discontinuing Bonus System = Employee Dissatisfaction

Reduced Performance

Increased Turnover Rate

Lack of Motivation to Achieve Goals
Improving Merit Bonus Plan = Employee Satisfaction

Reduces Turnover Rate

Improves Competitiveness

Boosts Employees Motivation

Traditional Salary Structure
Address E-mail Problems
How to Manage
E-mail 9:

FMLA Leave Filed as Termination
Accumulated Overdraft Fees
Tarnished Credit Score
Foreclosure Threats

E-mail 11:

Discontinued Tuition Reimbursement
Discontinuing Merit Bonus System

E-mail 12-16:

Benefit Discrimination

Light experience in foreign markets
Asia makes up 40% of total world population
America makes up 4%
Over 80% of revenue comes from one business
There are always some employees who do nothing or are not imperative to the company
Do an internal audit - sit people down and ask "what exactly would you say you do here"
Employees visibility unhappy
Create specified training programs for all fields.
Highly trained employees create more profits
Training raises morale
Sometimes things don't change until profits drop
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