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Mike Tan

on 4 June 2015

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Transcript of Mediamorphosis

Roger Fidler
Theory of Mediamorphosis
Humans seem to rapidly assimilate new ideas, products and services once they are perceived to fit into their personal and cultural definitions of reality.
Principles of Mediamorphosis
“More technologies are coming up at the same time. It is the unexpected cross-impact of manufacturing technologies that creates this powerful acceleration that we feel.”
Paul Saffo
30-year rule
Once consumers perceive a new technology to be useful and affordable, widespread adoption can take place rather quickly

But when the first rush of excitement is dampened by disappointments and setbacks, we usually treat future growth paths
The process needs an integrated knowledge of human communications and the historic patterns of change within the overall system

Unified way of thinking about technological evolution of communication media instead of studying each form separately

New media do not arise spontaneously and independently- they emerge gradually from the metamorphosis of old media

Older forms do not die, they continue to evolve and adapt

Established forms must change in response to the emergence of a new medium- their only option is to die
What is NEW?
How FAST can new things become known as “common"?
The same forces that shaped our past are the same forces shaping our future.
Decade ONE lots of excitement, puzzlement, not enough penetration
Decade TWO lots of flux, penetration of the product into society is beginning
Decade THREE “Oh, so what?” technology is deemed as standard
Six fundamental principles of Mediamorphosis:
1. Co-evolution & co-existence – change or DIE!
2. Metamorphosis
3. Propagation – communicatory codes called languages (oral, written, digital language)
4. Survival
5. Opportunity & need
6. Delayed adoption
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