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TAKS Training

No description

Kristie Cobb

on 30 March 2011

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Transcript of TAKS Training

TAKS Training This training does NOT take the place of reading the appropriate manuals.
Test Security and Integrity Texas Education Code (TEC) Chapter 39,
Subchapter B
Texas Administrative Code (TAC) 19 Subchapter 101, Assessment
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA)
Texas Penal Code 37.10 – Tampering
Senate Bill 1031 Seating Charts Must be completed
for each testing location Should include:
Location, student name, time
Test administrator and room
number at the top
Times in and out of administrator
and name of reliever(s) as applicable Must complete a new chart if students are moved
to a new testing location Test Booklets Students are required to write their own name
on their test booklet and booklet number on their scantron.
Before testing begins… Your room should be well lighted, well ventilated, quiet and comfortable….some of you may also need to tidy up some.
Students should be sufficiently separated from other students to work without distractions
Students cannot leave or enter testing rooms with papers or other materials
Students may change testing rooms as long as test security is not breached (administrator carries materials-NOT the student)
Roll your black paper to the top of the window on your door and raise your blinds. This allows us to peek in and check on you and your students without having to open the door every time. During the test… actively monitor Do NOT read, grade papers, clean or sleep while your students are working.
Walk around the room
Check to make sure students are working.
Ensure that students are not reading, playing or sleeping while working on the test.
Remind students to record their responses on their scorable documents.
You may want to turn student desks around so they cannot get into them during the test.
You may want to put labeled student books at the back of the room so they will not be tempted to read them while testing.
You cannot require students to use any particular test taking strategies such as first marking answers in test booklets (Students can use test taking strategies but you cannot require them to do so during the testing)
Do not review student responses or discuss how they are performing during or after the test
No scratch paper for any TAKS (unless IEP approved) testing
Students must remain seated during testing and are not allowed to talk while test booklets are open
TAKS tests are untimed – may test until 5:30 READ both of your test administrator manuals
Attend the required training
Sign security oath and training oath Make contact with your students if you are testing a small group or one-on-one
Cover or remove bulletin boards and instructional displays in testing rooms and hallways
Email Amie if there are lights out in rooms that will be used to test
Ask Kristie, Judy or Teri if you have any questions about testing! Day of Procedures Breakfast will be provided for teachers testing/monitoring
Check out of materials will begin at 7:15 in Kristie’s office.
Keep materials locked in a cabinet when not in use. NEVER leave testing materials unattended!
Sign test booklets in/out on test day with Kristie, Teri or Judy ONLY! Buckets will contain:
2 pencils for each student
1 white gum eraser for each student
One answer document for each student
One test booklet for each student
For TAKS M- one test booklet for test administrator to read from
Folder of important reminders, break sign and testing signs
Keep materials locked in cabinet when not in use. NEVER leave testing materials unattended!
Students will come to classroom on testing day, unless eating breakfast, to get settled and avoid hallway issues.
Judy, Luan and Kristie will come around and encourage students to “Attack The TAKS”!
Do not reinforce, review or distribute test strategies on day of TAKS.
Make sure your classroom computers are off (jiggle the mouse to make sure it didn’t just go to sleep).
Make sure your cell phone is either in Kristie’s cabinet or in your car. Observe all rules regarding test security
Administer the test in strict compliance with the administrator’s manual
You may have students check the front of the documents but do NOT make any changes. Mark corrections on a sticky note and adhere to the front of the testing booklet. Teri and I will make the necessary changes.
Teachers do NOT bubble anything on answer documents, including the score code. Teri and I will do any bubbling that I necessary.
Students may NOT use dictionaries or thesauruses during any portion of the test.
Test administrators are not allowed to answer any question relating to the content of the test itself Breaks and Lunch Test administrators cannot leave the room unless a trained substitute test administrator is present (slide “I need a break” sign under door and a monitor will come to your classroom shortly)
Sign off on the back of the seating chart if you take a break
During breaks in the classroom:
Students may talk quietly during snack time if test booklets/answer docs are taken up or if answer docs are put inside closed test booklets and students are moved to the floor.
Monitor students to ensure that they do NOT talk about the test.
Students may take individual breaks as well. Please only send one boy and girl to the restroom at a time. Make sure they place their answer document inside their closed test booklet before they leave the room. During lunch, students must remain as a group and be monitored by a trained test administrator so they do not discuss the test.
Ensure each student receives the correct assessment and testing materials
Students must be allowed to work at their own speed. You may not direct them to speed up or slow down. Judy, Teri and I will come around at 2:30 to see who is still working. Please have your attendance sheet highlighted with the names of those that will NOT be done by 2:45. We will call parents to let them know their child is still working. At about 2:45, we will move students to one location to complete the test.
Students may not talk while test booklets are open. Only students are allowed to erase their stray marks or darken ovals and only during testing session. Check the answer doc. before taking it up….do NOT accept a blank answer doc. Practice active monitoring!
After the test… Turn in materials to Kristie or Teri after last student is finished testing. Put out a break sign and someone will come monitor your students while you turn in your materials.
No unauthorized viewing or scoring student responses
No discussion of confidential student information
No erasing stray marks or darkening ovals
Do not change student responses
Account for all test materials Potential
to Avoid Not accounting for all test booklets and answer documents
Giving a student the wrong test
Failure to give appropriate accommodations
Improper (or nonexistent) monitoring
Cell phones/computers on
Failure to remind students to record their responses
Leaving secure materials unattended
Viewing, discussing or scoring a student’s test before/during/after the test Contact Kristie, Judy or Teri immediately if any incident occurs
Document as directed
Avoid irregularities by actively monitoring! Take up all student phones, make sure they are off, place in a ziploc bag and lock up in your locked storage the morning of the test. Students may not carry
any materials in or out of the classroom while still working on their test. You cannot require students to use any particular test taking strategies such as first marking answers in test booklets. (Students can use test taking strategies but you cannot require them to do so during the testing)
Do not review student responses or discuss how they are performing during or after the test.
No scratch paper for any TAKS (unless IEP approved).
Students should remain seated during the testing and are not allowed to talk while test booklets are open.
Students will be allowed to work until 5:30p.m.
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