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Romantic love is a poor basis for marriage


Dalia Ahmed salah

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Romantic love is a poor basis for marriage

Western cultures Romantic love is a poor basis for marriage All of the fairy tales have the same features and we still believing in their happy ends Romantic love could threaten the endurance of marriage. people overestimate the significance of the love, and they feel deprived or empty if the excitement wanes. They therefore believe that" if they have fallen out of love" is a good reason for getting divorce. Because Americans believe that romantic love leads to marriage and this marriage have no basis but love ,after a short time ,this marriage is dissolves as the couple were in need to other basis that lead to lasting marriage. The arranged marriage by Indian couples as they are chosen by their parents. The couples are chosen by what they have in common. The couple may not interact before marriage. This marriage is built on the couple similarities.They marry without falling in love but they build love relationship after marriage. Indian marriage In societies that don’t believe in love as a basis for marriage even children are encouraged to think of whatever their partners are, they would be the perfect for them. The Younger may have romantic feeling for their spouses in the future even before they know him. "first we marry then we fall in love" Romantic love isn’t discouraged before marriage only but also after. Having no romantic feeling before marriage is better for the couple relationship as those who fall in love before marriage are expected to suffer disappointment
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