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Padlet Presentation for Koptelov's Class

No description

Rob Williams

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Padlet Presentation for Koptelov's Class

Setup and Use Padlet.com (Formerly Wallwisher.com) 1. Go to http://padlet.com and then click on the "Build A Wall" or create an account. It's better to use an account to save a wall once you are finished with it.

2. To sign up for an account, click Login. Enter an email address for a user name and then a good, strong password for your password.

3. To make a new wall, click on the "+" sign. You will see a "wall". To add a "post", double click on the wall and type in what you want. You can add hyperlinks, media such as photos or short videos or take a photo with your webcam.

4. Moving posts on a wall is easy. Just click on the post and drag it to where you want it to go. How You Can Fit Padlet Into Your Classroom Students can post questions and get feedback from teacher and peers
Padlet can be used as a class message board for announcements and homework reminders
Students can collaborate with others on group assignments by brainstorming
Teachers can engage students by allowing them to add ideas to a topic, such as comparing and\or contrasting a topic or for demonstrations
Teachers can also use as an address book or a simple reminder system for faculty meetings and other school activities Multiple Intelligences •Mathematical-Logical:
Using Padlet as a brainstorming tool qualifies it to be a good tool for fostering mathematical-logical intelligence because it can help students learn by posting their ideas and thinking in a logical fashion.

This intelligence is where the potential of using one's body or parts to solve a problem. In other words, using mental abilities to coordinate bodily actions, such as hands or feet, to meet an objective. Moving the individual posts around in Padlet does involve some hand and eye movement and qualifies to strengthen this intelligence due to having to use the brain to place the item. Ways To Incorporate Padlet Into Lessons Padlet can be assigned as a brainstorming activity for research papers and other writing assignments
It can be used as an in-class assignment, such as comparing or contrasting, demonstrating a concept or explaining some idea
It can also be used as a showcase to show your students work to other students
Students can post their book review assignments, link to the book(s) they have read, and a short paragraph on what they learned by doing the review on Padlet.
More ways can be found here: http://bit.ly/ZrxUfk Sharing To share, click the "Share" button. You can share via social media, such as Pinterest or Facebook, or email.

You also can embed a Wall in any Web page, course management system or blog. The Wordpress option is only for those that self-host with the Padlet/Wallwisher WordPress plugin. Just copy and paste your code into where you want to share it.

Everything is real-time. Once someone updates, the other person will see the post as it is added to the wall. What Is Padlet? Padlet is an internet application that allows people to easily express thoughts on a topic or common interest. It is a great way to add content of any sort (i.e. videos, documents, or text) anywhere on the page (Padlet.com, 2013).

Padlet allows you to communicate your ideas in real-time to others in the classroom or whatever setting. It also allows you to view and add from any device (Padlet.com, 2013). Example of Padlet Use Howard Gardner (1983) claims that all human beings have multiple intelligences. These multiple intelligences can be nurtured and strengthened, or ignored and weakened. Several of these intelligences are strengthened in using Padlet/Wallwisher: Multiple Intelligences Padlet exhibits interpersonal intelligence in that the application can allow students to interact with each other via by posts and comments on others posts. This can help them understand others views and ideas about a topic. It is a great tool also to share on blogs or course management systems to allow teachers to add their comments and suggestions for improvement. By Laurie Fuller, Naci Atchley, Rob Williams,
and Ryan Causey References Plyush, P. (2013, March 7). How to use Padlet.com in the classroom? Graffiti: The Padlet/Wallwisher Blog.
[Web Log]. Retrieved from: http://blog.padlet.com/2013/03/how-to-use-padletcom-in-classroom.html Padlet.com. (2013). What Is Padlet? Retrieved from: http://jn.padlet.com/knowledgebase/articles/151979-what-is-padlet Smith, M.K. (2008) 'Howard Gardner and multiple intelligences', the encyclopedia of informal education, Retrieved from: http://www.infed.org/thinkers/gardner.htm. Demonstration video of
Padlet from Jesse Black Allen (2012)

This shows how you can add various items such as backgrounds, video clips, and images for an engaging experience for students Allen, J. (2013, February 13). Higher Ed Tech Tutorials - Padlet for YouTube [Video file]. Retrieved from http:///youtube.com/watch?v=DhAxV2Yp_Mw Barrett, T. (2012). 32 Interesting Ways to Use Wallwisher in Your Classroom. Retrieved from: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1FeH7ATm5bByH5KIfQVf8CaUGazR3lv8KJ68Xx79VFRk/present#slide=id.i0 Padlet can also be a great vehicle for self-expression of ideas, feelings and emotion by allowing students to post thoughts freely with either video, graphics or hyperlinks. This fits well with Gardner's definition of the intrapersonal intelligence, which entails the capacity of oneself, to appreciate one's feelings, emotions and fears. Gardner, Howard (1983; 1993) Frames of Mind: The theory of multiple intelligences, New York: Basic Books. The second edition was published in Britain by Fontana Press. 466 + xxix pages. Padlet could be used as a classroom response system by itself or can be used in conjunction with an existing system. You can also add questions to the Padlet in the same manner as what you do with the "clickers" without having to use student units. During the classroom lecture, the teacher can pose a question verbally in class and have students respond in real-time in Padlet via iPads or mobile devices. Since the student and teacher responses are immediate, Padlet can be an effective technology to increase the impact on learning outcomes.

Since Padlet is simple to use and is very engaging for all types of students, it can be used by special needs students without any problems. This can help them to become more involved with classroom activities that they may not be normally be involved in with other technologies.

Padlet’s easy sharing abilities helps students to learn collaboratively and socially by allowing real-time posting and commenting, as well as sending via email. Also, the web 2.0 tool can be a great tool for teachers to keep classroom discussion organized, as well as assignments. This is another powerful tool that can be an asset to teachers in their curriculum and course planning.
Ways Padlet Is Linked To Literature Reviews
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