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The chuck norris bug

No description

christian frederick

on 12 May 2011

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Transcript of The chuck norris bug

THe Killer Drag-Wasp Discoverd by:DR.A.J.Helius
Discoverd in the year 2012
Discoverd in antartica Kindom:Animalia
Species:Drag-Waspus 1.another name for this insect is the chuck norris bug
2.the wing span for the male is 51/2 in and the female is 8in
3.the female egg,larva,pupa are defenceless
4.the female venom is more toxic than the males venom
5.the male egg,larva,and the,pupa are extreamly dangerous
6.the bugs mandables can crush trees
7.this bug stared in the series walker texas bug ranger
8.the bugs special move is the bug round house kick
9.this bug can take over a U.S. navy ship and control it.
10.this bug can breath fire and is very aggresive Defence mechinisms it gose through complete metamorphusis the insect is entomophagous it can eat any insect that come near is. no plant on earth can apeze it hungar Habitat it Normaly live in artic regins but when i migrates it can live in any inviroment that this bug finds sutable Life span Egg for 1 month
Larva for 3 months
Pupa for 6 months
Adult for 100 Years it has cryptic camoflauge Toxic and posionous stinger katana sharp legs mandables that can cruch dimond it can breath fire Diffrances between Male and female Males are smaller than the the females, and is less dangerous but the male has more amount of deffensive mechinisms the female is 2x bigger than the male is 100x more dangerus w/ razor sharp wings and acid blood food sources Egg male: nothing female: nothing
larva male eats bettles female eats butterflies
pupa male and female nothing
adult male any bug female any bug under 2mill carbs this insect is not prayed by any other insect THANKS FOR WATCHING :) BY Christian and chase
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