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My Rock Limestone

No description

Harveer Dhami

on 26 October 2014

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Transcript of My Rock Limestone

My Rock Limestone
Where is it Found?
Limestone can be found in many parts of the world, you can also find fossils in it. They are very soft and fragile too. It can also be found on continental crust, and virtually anywhere in ancient sea.
How Does it Look Like?
Extra Information About Limestone
During the texture of roofing styles , it's because of limestone being put in the roofing tar. There is a lot of benefit for animals from having limestone for their diet and that is why it's added to their food. Limestone can be found in ends of marine water. Chalk is a type of limestone that has a lot of shells from animals. Limestone can also be used for roofs to not prevent weather or roof damage. Here is a little video about limestone.
What is Limestone Used For
Limestone is a Sedimentary rock. It was usually used to build: buildings,castles,stores,roads,
floor tiles, banks,houses, concrete, bridges, schools, and much more. But Limestone is mostly used for buildings now. Here are some pictures of buildings made of limestone.
Limestone is very smooth with fine texture and can be found in a variety of colours such as yellow, tan, white, and grey. Limestone can be found in just about any color depending upon which elements are combined with the calcium carbonate in the rock.
I will now answer some questions.
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