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VDI Presentation

To be presented to the ECC

Jeremy Bailey

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of VDI Presentation

Kent State University
Tuscarawas Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Desktop PC at every faculty/staff desk Don't Forget to feed the trash! Slow Computer Performance
Budgetary Constraints
Limits in Mobility
Growing Need for Tech
Green Technology Initiative
Growing Campus System
Software Compatibility
Web Applications (Java, Banner etc.) FAQ - If faculty are expected to purchase their own equipment for remote access, are they able to use funding from their professional development money to purchase that piece of equipment?
Faculty/Staff can use grant money.
- How will Zero clients work with other equipment on campus such as instructor stations with projectors?
USB redirection, Epson projection over IP, video out.
FAQ What type of performance increases should users expect?
Drastic reduction in latency from logons to application launches.
Some users require different applications custom tailored to their discipline. How can those applications be obtained?
Application can be installed on Persistent image if full VD. Local native app or Thinapp in the case of multiple users. How VDI Works Current Issues Did You Know? The average campus PC consumes 400 watts
- The Samsung NC220 consumes 51watts (88%reduction)
The typical service life of a pc is 6 years (trickle-down)
- PCs 10+ years old could be deployed in labs (expansion)
Fall 2008 - 921 students logged into the tusc system (OD)
- Fall 2012 - 1913 students logged into the tusc system (AD) Coming: Fall 2013! Grocery List

Production Pizza
Speed Cola
Data Clusters
Even More Mobility! Licensing
- How will licensing change?

- Who is responsible?

- What about legacy software? Questions ? VDI @ Tusc As hardware fails on re-purposed pcs Replace with "Zero" Client Backup OS in case of failure Applications assign based on user needs Has client apps for iOS and Android.
User is able to VPN in from anywhere to access desktop.
User has option to choose what type of hardware platform they prefer. More Mobility Mobility Multi-platform support
"Local Mode" when off campus
Remote access via personal device
Secure, encrypted communication
No touch application installations Key Terms: Virtual Machine (VM): a simulation of a physical desktop operating system.
Host: Physical Server.
Cluster: A pool of hosts working together.
High-Availability: Minimum downtime guarantee.
DRS: Disaster Recovery System. Continuation of technology in the case of disaster.
SAN: Storage Area Network. Group of hard drives accessible to multiple hosts.
SSD: Solid State Drive. High-performance,
iSCSI: Network protocol for local communication between SAN device and hosts. 10GB Fiber in this case.
Keyer Terms Vmware View 5: VDI Software delivery platform
ThinApp: Virtualized application
Persistent Desktop: Dedicated desktop (R/W)
Non-Persistent Desktop: Cloned desktop. (Labs)
USB Redirection: User can plug any usb device into client machine and use on VM.
VShield: Antivirus application used to monitor virtual network environment.
Keyest Terms Latency: The amount of time it takes for data to get from client to server and back.
PCoIP: Protocol used to deliver low-latency virtual desktop experience.
RDP: Microsoft protocol used to deliver a basic desktop experience.
Thin Client: HW or SW designed to depend primarily on server for it's processing needs. Administrators can manage applications from remote locations.
Central application repository for troubleshooting Access to virtual desktop could be done via the cell network or hotspot.
Secure and encrypted Future: Mobile application delivery Did You Know? Take Out The Cat! FAQ What if the VDI Server crashes!?!?!?
High-Availability, Fault Tolerance, DRS, Redundancy, Data Integrity
How will the Virtual Machines handle graphics intensive programs such as Photoshop?
View 5 emulates OpenGL and DirectX 10. NVIDIA Grid GPU.
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