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PW Media Training

No description

Beth Mund

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of PW Media Training

It's easy as
C Answer the question Bridge to Key Messages Conclude Improving Communication What does it mean? Why is it important? The media What makes news? Whatever an editor says it is Interest vs. Importance News changes over time WE make news Stories that make news Reporters Work (try) to be fair Overworked NOT your friend Working with the media can be a good
inform constituents,
add credibility Working with a reporter: Return calls or messages
Ask about deadline
Treat with respect
*remember, you are
building a relationship! Working with a reporter A,B,C! Working with a reporter DO NOT don't say "no comment" don't lie don't be afriad to say,
" I don't know"
don't ever assume it's
"off the record" Key Messages
Helps you to be prepared.
Are brief, and easy to recall.
May contain overarching themes.
May contain relevant facts. (or talking points) How do reporters get our news?
Website, Facebook, Twitter
Press Releases
Other News Resources
Any where YOU ARE

What do I do if I have news or information to share? Call or send (as much information as possible) to Beth Mund 3744, copy Tina Nilles
Copy or tell someone from your team
Use on line press release template (inet)
website redesign

How long does it take? -Within the day or sooner -Appears in many forms -Reaches appropriate audience -Approval process How do I BRIDGE to Key Messages? What's I need to emphasize is...
This is important because....
That's why...
St. Charles residents should know.... How do I conclude?
As a result...
I'm sure you'll agree...
Reference to website (if possible).... Exercise #1
Exercise #2 Survey Results
Discussion #1
Discussion #2 Questions? Building Key Messages Implementing A, B, C Where to find key messages You don't have to create key messages by yourself -
they exist in a number of places.... Website
Shared Drive
Press Releases
Meeting Agendas
Strategic Plan Common mistakes to avoid! Anger
Limited time
Sensitive topics
Pressure from reporter or others
Not being prepared Lying
Winging it
Facts with no perspective
Not responding at all (no comment)
"Techy" talk
Exercises & Discussions Takeaways
Receive "Use open, clear communication methods for sharing information with all stakeholders to foster understanding and trust" Articulate the City of St. Charles' mission and vision
Enhance communication to adapt to changing deographic, societal, and technological trends Invite citizens to assist with the exchange of information with the community Public Works
Media Training
April 20, 2010
Examples of Key Messages, or
Talking Points Keeping it fresh:
There's always something NEW
about old news Public Works Key Messages
Maintain service level
Providing services that are efficient and reliable
Building a better neighborhood
Protecting natural assets and practicing environmental sensitivity
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