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An hour with Abuelo Written by: Judith Ortiz Cofer

No description


on 20 September 2014

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Transcript of An hour with Abuelo Written by: Judith Ortiz Cofer

An hour with Abuelo Written by: Judith Ortiz Cofer
Judith wrote this story because it reminded her of her own family. Her family was a hard working family. Judith's mother better know as mama conducted traffic for a living and her father better known as pap was a house builder and painter by trade. Judith's father also loved to write poems.
Beginning: It Arturo's summer break and he is really dreading going to visit his grandpa in the nursery home. He says that he has a whole stack of books that he needs to read before summer ends.
Middle: When Arturo first arrived to the nursing home he wasn't excited to go see his grandpa. It was awkward for them because no one was talking to each other.
End: They finally started talking to each other. But by the way the story went it seemed awkward for them both still. Abuelo read Arturo his story that he wrote. His story was about his life as a child.
Point of view
Author: Judith Ortiz
The setting of this story is at Arturo's grandfathers nursing home, which is called the "Golden years". The "Golden years" is a nursing home for elderly adults. Nursing homes are for retired adults who aren't able to live on their own. Nursing homes provide health care and is a private home.
Abuelo: I'm surprised that he's still so sharp, because his body is shrinking like a crumpled-up drown paper sack with some bones in it. But I can see from looking into his eyes that the light is still on in there.
Arturo: I'm a little embarrassed that he saw me looking at my watch.
The point of view of this story
The conflict of this story is internal
conflict because this story uses words like I'm and my , also because in the beginning of this story says my grandfather is in a nursing home in Brooklyn, and my mother wants me to spend some time with him. That means its in the mind of a character because he is repeating what his mom has told, him and how he feels about it witch is called internal conflict.

The theme of this story is when Arturo was dreading going to see his
grandfather. When he got to golden years at first it was kind of awkward but once they got to talking they really connected and they both learned something about each other. Some things they learned about each other was that Abuelo really like to read and write stories, and that Arturo really liked to read books too because at his house he has a stack 0f books on his dresser that he would like to read but hasn't yet on his dresser.
literary techniques
the literary techniques in this story
vinyl(p.238): (n.) Any of various typically tough, flexible, shiny plastics, often used for coverings and clothing.
orderlies(p.238): (n.) 1. An attendant in a hospital . 2.A solder assigned to attend a superior officer.
sergeant(p.241):(n.) 1. Any of several ranks of noncommissioned afficers in the US Army, Air Force, or Marine Corps. 2. A police officer ranking next below a captain, lieutenant, or inspector.
industrial-strength(p.237): 1. Of or relating to industry. 2. Having highly developed industies. 1. The quality of being strong. 2. The power to resist attack; impregnability.
Modern Maturity: of or relating to recent times or the present. To become due.

They mood of the story for me is
kind of unappreciated because Arturo
grandfather is in a nursing home and
doesn't have to long to live and there is not enough family members go to visit him, and Abuelos grandson doesn't even what to go visit him because his summer break is almost over. But at the end of the story my mood changes because they connect more and its less awkward.
the book: hour with abuelo
the book: p. 234-235
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