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Strategies of Persuasion

No description

Samantha Hoover

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Strategies of Persuasion

What makes a speech persuasive?
Strategies of Persuasion
Using facts and data to support a point:
"If they studied the effects of Rooibos, it must mean it's good for fighting diabetes."
Explaining the logic behind the argument
"If we clean up the toys we're done with, we'll have more room to play with the new toys."
Making an argument based off of emotions:
"Those poor dogs have been mistreated, so I should donate money to make their lives better."
Creating trust by using a credible source as a reference:
"Doctors recommend this product, and I always trust my doctor."
Using the urgency of a situation as a selling point:
"This sale is only while the supply lasts, so I need to buy one before they run out!"
Big Names
The use of celebrities as a selling point: "If Emma Stone likes Revlon then it has to be a good product!"
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