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The Path to Purposeful Passion

The Five Keys To Living a Purposeful Life Full of Passion

Austin Larrowe

on 27 April 2011

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Transcript of The Path to Purposeful Passion

Scavenger Hunt Break into groups

Work togeter to gather materials

First team to bring their materials up to the designated facilitator in the front of the room wins that round! How did this activity relate to "Passion"? Passion is... Passion can not just be created, it is something that comes from a process

You must consider your skills, strengths, and interest

You also must recognize activities you enjoy and people that "Build you up" The 5 Keys to Passion 1) The Discovery Process

2) The Designing Process

3) Risking

4) Learning

5) Building Self-Belief Values are... Values - "The ideals, customs, institutions, etc..., or a society toward which the people of the group have an affective regard (Dictionary.com) What is Your Definition of Values? Value Analysis Please circle the top 3 values which you think you hold in your workbook Passion After analyzing your values, can your results lead you to "Discover" your passions?
Why or Why not? Your should be the Cornerstone on which you build your Passions! Values When was a time when you were excited?
How did you react? REALLY Historic Examples
of Passion Wright Brothers
Invented and built the world's first successful airplane and sustained and controlled the first human flight in 1903 despite what was thought to be possible.

John F. Kennedy
He was passionate about the first manned trip to the moon in 1969 which he did not live to witness but his passions were essential to its success. Personal Examples of Passion To Write Love on Our Arms

Youth of Virginia Speak Out about Traffic Safety

Camp Gonnawannagoagin

Feed by Seed
With having an idea of what your values and passions are what activities or services could you do passionately?
What could you do passionately? Focus on Passion It is important to focus on ONLY one passion at a time (at least to begin with)

Pick One
(Make sure it is not something you are already doing!) Now.... You have minutes to write down steps to start incorperating your NEW passion into your "Day-2-Day" life! 4 3 2 Minutes Left.... 1 Minute Left... Discussion Time! How do you make sure that you keep progressing? A Accountability ... Whats that? Basically... It is just making sure someone is doing what they are responsible for. Now you have 2 minutes to find a partner (preferable someone you see regularly or who has similar passions) and ask them what you can do to help them make SURE they accomplish their goals, then let them do the same for you.

(Example: You have a brief meeting once a week to ensure both of you are still making progress.) Good job!

You are well on your way to accomplishing your life's passions! Keep up the great work and make sure you follow your action steps and have regular discussions with your accountability partner. Risking Learning Self-Belief Now...
Go out and live
your lives of Passion! Use the magazines to select image and/or words that explain and describe your passion

Cut the pictures and words out and glue them onto the last page of your workbook to make a passion collage
Collage Recap 1) Identify Values and their corrolations with passions and how they can make you a better leader

2) Design a "Path" to develop your passions over the next 6 months Objectives: Contact Information: Austin Larrowe Alarrowe@vt.edu Dan Rahl anne14@vt.edu danr27@vt.edu atliza@vt.edu Anne Malbon Elizabeth Torrence
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