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uses of adverb of affirmation and negation

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jeannifer dadole

on 15 October 2015

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Transcript of uses of adverb of affirmation and negation

no longer
takes interest in his work.

Have you taken your exams?
no, i haven't taken the exam yet
adverb of affirmation
adverb of negation
Do like Sweets?

• Yes. I like sweets.

May I call you now?

• Yes. You may call me now.
Would you come with me?

• Yes. I would come with you.

Are you ok?

• Yes. I am ok.
When we want to say that something is not true or is not the case, we can use negative words, phrases or clauses.

Negation can happen in a number of ways, most commonly, when we use a negative word such as no, not, never, none, nobody, etc
Monday, February 17, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
adverbs of affirmation
adverb of negation
Adverb of Affirmation: It is an Adverb which is used in a sentence to affirm it as true. Generally these adverbs are used to answer the questions raised by others.
Most negative statements are formed with the adverb not. When using the verb BE , negative statements are formed by placing not after the verb.

Adverbs such as NO and NEVER are called Adverbs of Negation.
uses of adverb of affirmation and negation
Adverbs such as YES and YEAH are called Adverbs of Affirmation.
the most commonly used word in adverb of affirmation is the adverb 'yes'

while in adverb f negation the commonly used word is the adverb "no"
thank you :)
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