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Copyreading and Headline Writing

Talk for RCC

Jennifer Penilla

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Copyreading and Headline Writing

Copyreading and Headline Writing Way to correct an article without altering its essence
Way to improve an article by writing its headline and polishing the writing Copyreading Read the article.
Correct errors in mechanics and facts.
Rewrite lead if necessary.
Break long paragraphs if necessary.
Trim the article if necessary.
Revise libelous statements.
Recheck for accuracy and fairness.
Write a headline. Copyreader's List Copyreading Tools Pencil
Red ballpen scissors To spell out
12 faculty members attended the seminar.
Twelve faculty members attended the seminar. Copyreading Symbols RCC sent 5 delegates to the leader's summit.
RCC sent five delegates to the leader's summit. To spell out To insert space
Roxas welcomed the participantsand acknowledged the organizers of the event.
Roxas welcomed the participants and acknowledged the organizers of the event. Copyreading Symbols To insert space
The guests stayedin the campus residences.
The guests stayed in the campus residences. To insert letter or word

Hnd Copyreading Symbols To insert letter or word
In middle To close

M ake Copyreading Symbols To close

Wo men To change to small letter

Students Copyreading Symbols To change to small letter

Chance To indent paragraph

RCC students championed all competitions and brought home the overall champion honors. Copyreading Symbols To indent paragraph

Bieber thanked RCC Student Council for choosing him to perform during the foundation day. To capitalize

marcos emceed the program. Copyreading Symbols To capitalize
During the closing remarks, president Aquino reiterated his priorities in 2013. To delete

Thee freshmen sponsored the event. Copyreading Symbol To delete

Ninety parents of sophomore students attended the the CPA meeting. To transpose

Recieve Copyreading Symbols To transpose

the designed Copyreading symbols To restore text
Moooooore To start a new paragraph
Winners received cash prizes and medals. Copyreading Symbols To start a new paragraph
Winners brought home round-trip tickets to Singapore. To not start a paragraph

The administration awarded outstanding teachers. Copyreading Symbols To not start a paragraph
RCC scheduled make-up classes in lieu of suspended class days. To indicate end
Participants are to schedule an echo of the seminar. Copyreading Symbols To indicate end
The community singing ended the reunion. 30 To indicate continuation
The program raised P30,ooo. Copyreading Symbols To indicate continuation
The OSA issued the new guidelines yesterday. more To emphasize period
Ramos was named Prom Queen. Copyreading Symbols To emphasize period
Fr. Santos celebrated the mass. To emphasize quotation marks
"face lift" Copyreading Symbols To emphasize quotation marks
Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao To set in bold face
semi-finals Copyreading Symbols To set in bold face
15 golds To italicize
English for Everyday Copyreading Symbols To italicize
Jejemon Be consistent.
Use big marks.
Use arrows if spaces for corrections are not enough.
Reread after editing. Notes in Using the Copyreading Symbols Errors in Form
Usage Errors in Content
Expand or reduce
Style To restore text
Joe Bondon
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