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Nicholas Jager

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Alaska

Alaska, inland and offshore, is rich in energy reserve. The North Slope, Cook Inlet basins, and Prudhoe Bay are full of crude oil deposits.
With the United States consuming 20,680,000 barrels of oil a day Alaska only produces 7% of this number
United States alone consumes 25% of the worlds oil use. Extensive pollution of the inland areas, otherwise known for scenic beauty destroyed by drilling and oil spills Drilling in the Alaskan Wildlife Refuge will definitely leave its mark. Only 5% of Alaska’s Wilderness Remains Off-Limits to Drilling It just so happens to also be sitting on a large oil reserve Most people when given the question do not realize just exactly when where how they are getting oil, they just expect it to be there when they need it The Alaska Pipeline Lets take a closer look at these problems And the effects on the enviornment Prudhoe Bay Alpine Oil Field ...where it all begins has 400 toxic spills a year... The Valdez oil spill Leaked 11 million gallons of oil Affected over 2000 kms of Alaska's coast Taking 4 years to clean up at the cost of $2.1 billion Largest Oil Spill the world has seen March of 1989 About 430,000 gallons spilt each year doing routine maintenance Killing 250,000+ species
of animals from one event Oil is a very corressive liquid,
it burns through the pipe metal
and causes leaks The pipe line runs over 800 miles
long, it also cuts across hundreds of habitats
and water supplies
Even with their "world class" leak
detection program, there still was a 790,000 gallon oil leak that went unnoticed for 5 days.
Prudhoe Oil Fields and its so called, small spill.... Caribou migrate annually and they cross
over places where there are regular leaks
from the pipeline. Killing off this species. ....so with the mass destruction that is taking place The real question comes, Is this permanent damage really worth a temporary fix to a solution that will inevitably run dry? The Price of Oil
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