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For Miss. Perscheri

Layla Hash

on 18 October 2011

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Transcript of Stonehenge

The Stonehenge!!!
By: Layla Hash & Sasha Smith :) Nicknames: Built; Tourist Info:

Yes, it is because over 800,000
people visit this beautiful place
every year!!! :) Legend of Stonehenge One legend says that there were giants dancing on the Salisbury Plains. Suddenly, the giants turned to stone, with no aparent reason. This legend is so popular because the hunormous stones resemble giants holding hands. Stonehenge was built in the Neothic and the Bronze Age. Importance "Slaughter" "Heel Stone" "Station" Famous pre-historic stone circle. Shaped stones, lintels, unique jointing & perfect geometry make it the most sophisticated stone circle. TimeLine Nearly 800,000 people visit a year!! It's a big mystery how and why Stonehenge was created to this day. Country/location: Stonehenge is located in the plain of Salisbury, southwest of England 1900 B.C. Pics of Stonehenge: Referances: First phase of building Stonehenge Second phase of construction 1750 B.C. Thrid phase of construction. 1650 B.C. John Aubrey does the first known inspection of the site. 1663 A.D. Dr.William Stuckley investigated and meaured the site. 1740 A.D. Thank You For watching,
Hope you enjoyed it! http://www.promptpapers.com/free_term_papers.php?term_paper=2195973&title=Stonehenge
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