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Copy of Notice and Note Aha Moments

No description

Megan Wetzel

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Notice and Note Aha Moments

Aha Moments
Notice and Note
What is an Aha Moment?
Why should readers notice Aha Moments?
What should we note when we come to an Aha Moment?
Note the Thinking
Refer to Lesson Procedures 1-2 and Excerpts 1 and 2

Introductory Lesson: My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother by Patricia Polacco
Refer to Lesson Plan Lesson Procedures 3
and Excerpt 3
We Do Activity
Aha Moments
Main character realizes something new that has the potential to change the story.
Clues to helps us take notice:
"Then I knew..."
"Suddenly I realized.."
"It became clear ..."
"At that moment..."
"It was from then on..."
Impact of Aha Moments
When, as readers, we notice an Aha Moment we should
ask ourselves "How might this change things?"
Character development
Conflict development
evidence from the text
explanation of the realization
our thinking about how it may change things
character development
Anticipatory Set: Help students connect to a personal aha moment experiences.

"I Do Activity" : Teacher makes thinking visible by reading pages 1-10 then 11-12 and stopping to notice and note Aha Moments.
Answers the question "How might this change things?"

Teacher continues to read pages 13-18 and still identifies the Aha Moment.
Students are prompted to think about the question "How might this change things?"
think time/scaffolding for some
share time
whole group discussion
You Do Activity
Refer to Lesson Procedure 4 and
Excerpt 4
Teacher continues to read the rest of the story going back to reread excerpt 4.
Require students to identify Aha Moment
think time/ scaffolding for some
share time
group share
Note Sheet Example
Note Sheet Example
Summing it Up
Refer to Lesson Procedure 5
Bring it back to the ultimate purpose of noticing and noting Aha Moments!!
Students demonstrate the ability to use their analysis of Aha Moments to make conclusions about the character development and story plot.

Exit Slip
Patricia's Aha Moments in the beginning of the story show how she was so frustrated with Richie and with herself. But the last Aha Moment, after she fell, shows that what she really wanted was for Richie to respect and lover her. It was when he said she really did do something special that Patricia realized their relationship had changed.
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