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Air Pollution

STEM Fair Project

Rachel Moorman

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Air Pollution

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli By: Kyle Timmerman and Rachel Moorman Air Pollution...
One way we Kill the Earth Major Air Pollutants 3) Transportation Gasses Smog 2.) In the Beijing Olympics they had so much smog athletes had to wear gas masks. Acid Rain 1.) Acid gasses are made when fossil fuels (such as coal and oil) are burned in power plants, factories, and homes. Resources http://www.epa.gov/air/urbanair/
http://www.solarpowernotes.com/types-of-air-pollution.html#.UJMT_IZRx8E Ways to prevent Air Pollution 1.) Wear heavier clothes around the house instead of turning up the heat. Transportation Gasses http://www.epa.gov/apti/course422/ap7a.html http://www.cicero.uio.no/fulltext/index_e.aspx?id=3032 2.) Reduce, reuse and recycle, so factories don't have to put more waste in the air to recreate products. http://www.epa.gov/acidrain/education/site_students/whatcanyoudo.html We are going to solve this by creating an informative campain to help people learn about the causes and solutions of Air Pollution Our Problem we are trying to solve is Air Pollution. S CIENCE http://www.ucdenver.edu/academics/colleges/Engineering/research/CenterSustainableUrbanInfrastructure/CSISProducts/Workshops/Documents/Attendee%20Publications/Streets_2006_Modeling%20Study%20of%20Air%20Pollution%20Due%20to%20the%20Manufacture%20of%20Export%20Goods%20in%20China%E2%80%99s%20Pearl%20River%20Delta.pdf T echnology 3.) This causes rain. snow, sleet, or hail to become more acidic or full of acid. 2.) After these gasses are released they are blown into the sky and mix with clouds. FUN FACT!! Because air pollution can travel over long distances, most countries are not responsible for the air pollution there. For example, acid rain in Sweden is not made in Sweeden, but instead it is caused by air pollution in Britain. This is why it is so important that the whole world does something about it. How it relates to us..... Acid rain affects us not so much in the air but when it falls to earth it harms whatever it falls on. It kills plant life, pollutes our natural water resources, and corrodes buildings. 1.) Smog is created when fossil fuels like coal and oil are released into the air and react with sunlight. 2.) The smoke that creates smog usually comes from vehicle exhaust, factories, and power plants. Most of it come from vehicle exhaust. 3.) Most people do not realize what smog is because it is an everyday part of their lives. 1.) There is constant smog in major cities because of heavy traffic. You can tell this because in the city, (where there are lots of vehicles) you can't see the stars. http://www.clean-air-kids.org.uk/airquality.html E ngineering M athematics FUN FACTS!! 3.) In London 1952, more than 4000 people, died because of smog. How it relates to us... If you inhale to much smog or other types of air pollution, it could effect your health. For example to much smog could cause
1.) Shortness of breath
2.) Increased coughing
3.) Wheezing,
4.) bronchitis,
5.) pneumonia,
6.)heart attacks
7.) lung cancer,
8.)increased asthma-related symptoms,
9.) fatigue,
10.) premature aging of the lungs
11.) death. Acid Rain Smog Transportation Gases 1.) Walk instead of drive 2.) Carpool 3.) Ride bus or subway Smog in Beijing, China 1.) Transportation gasses are gasses released from cars, trucks, vans and any other type of motorized vehicle that runs on gas. 2.) Transportation gasses are one type of major air pollutant, but also causes other air pollutants, such as Smog and Acid Rain. 3.) It is the largest type of Air pollution on earth. FUN FACTS!! 1.) As of 2006 28% of air pollution was Transportation gasses. 2.) If you take 100 pounds off your vehicle you will gain 0.2 miles per gallon. 3.) An estimated 1.2 billion gallons of fuel were wasted in 2005 because so many people drove on underinflated tires. How it affects us If we keep putting transportation gasses into the air it will eventually corrode the ozone layer so much it will disappear and leave us unprotected. Without this ozone layer we will be left unsheltered from the sun's harmful rays. Already in Australia there is a hole in the ozone layer causing skin cancer. When vehicles are started fumes are emitted, or released into the air. Use alternative recources such as wind turbines, hydro power, and solar power. 3.) Get gas heaters instead of wood. 1.) Don't leave lights on when you are not using them. 3.) Keep your vehicle well maintained. 2)Recycle your trash instead of burning it. 1.) To help reduce Air Pollution, Engineers have created a product called Scrubbers. They clip onto the top of Factory Smoke Stacks, and prevent a dangerous chemical called sulfur dioxide from reaching the air. In the scrubber, there is a water spray that produces a cloud of fine water droplets. When the water is mixed with crushed limestone, it reacts with the sulfur and takes it out of the air. Then when it comes back down farmers can purchase it as gympsum and it can be used to fertilize crops and keeps the dirt from crusting over. Here's how it works.... How we used Science in our Project.... We also used Science to learn about and understand the different types of technology used to prevent Air pollution. We used science to learn about different chemicals released into the air that create air pollution. In this picture a crew is preparing to install a scrubber on top of a factory smoke stack. 1.) In edition to Scrubbers Engineers are coming up with more feul effient cars and better recources that won't harm our world as much. How we used Technology in our Project.... We used a laptop and PREZI to efficiently and effectivly, educate people about three different types of Air Pollution and ways to prevent each one. We also used Technology to create our model of a Wind turbine that uses the power of the wind to create energy. Types of Technolohy used to Reduce Air pollution... Here are some examples of air pollution... 1) Smog 2) Acid Rain Acid Rain consist of rain mixed with air pollution. Here's how Acid rain is created Some of these cars run on water, or are electricly powered. One of these is an SUV which is the Ford Escape Hybrid which gets 32 miles per gallon. 2.) Engineers also have come up with alternative resources we can use to replace coal and oil. Wind Turbines have huge blades that use the power of the wind to turn a generator and create electricity. http://ga.water.usgs.gov/edu/hyhowworks.html Hydro Dams work when an underground turbine is spun by running water. This turbine then turns a generator which creates electricity. Solar power is created when solar panels wrapped in silicone receive the suns heat and transform it into energy by vibrating in place. Ways the government is preventing Air Pollution In January 1996 the Ohio State Government created E-Check for major cities. It was designed to find motorized vehicles that put high levels of pollutants in the air. How we used Engineering in our Project..... We used Engineering to create, recreate, and improve our model Wind Turbine. We also used engineering to create, and put together our PREZI and Trifold. Engineers all over the world are working on solving the problem of Air pollution. Here are some of the ways they created to reduce it. This type of energy uses heat from underground to heat you home to a set temperature. That way your home so you don't have to heat your home from 0 degrees to 70. You only have to heat it from 50 to 70. Geothermal- It reduces the amount of fuel you have to burn to make heat, which also reduces the amount of pollution released into the air. Compact Florescent Light Bulbs- www.epa.ohio.gov/dapc/echeck/whyecheck/ohio_echeck.aspx www.solartechnologies.com/ ga.water.usgs.gov/edu/hyhowworks.htm www.thesupercars.org/top-cars/most-fuel-efficient-suvs blogs.howstuffworks.com This light bulb uses 376 kilowatts less energy than an incandescent bulb. The Compact Florescent uses 104 kilowatts verses the 480 of an Incandescent. One CFL in every home can save enough energy to power THREE MILLION homes. It uses less energy which then reduces the amount of pollution released into the air. iodes L
D ight mmitting http://greenliving.nationalgeographic.com/much-energy-efficient-bulbs-save-3254.html For every five CFL's you would only use one LED. They use 300 kilowatts of energy. They last up to 50,000 hours. If they are left on for eighteen hours a day every day, they would last seventeen years. Because it uses less energy it therefore reduces the amount of pollution released into the air. How we used Math in our Project...... We used Math to find and calculate the measurements for our model wind turbine. We also used Math to find the energy use difference between CFL, Incandescent, and LED light bulbs. Engineers use Math alot when they create all of these new kinds of Technology that prevent Air Pollution. Here are some examples... 1.) When a factory orders a Scrubber the Engineer has to know how big the Smoke stack is or they wont have the right size. 2.) In order for the engineers inventions to be successful they had to have proof that they worked. For example, The Ford Escape Hybrid gets 32 miles per gallon. Without that number people wouldn't know it was a very efficient SUV. 3.) Without Kilowatts, Engineers wouldn't know how much energy Light bulbs used or how much they saved. The Chevy Volt is an electric car that also uses electric power. So in conclusion, Air pollution is one way we ,as people, kill the earth. If we don't stop, we may not even have an earth to pollute. We'll keep slowly killing it off. And by the time it finally dies. We will too.
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