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Discipline Without Stress: Punishment or Rewards

Behavior Management Plan

Macon Wrenn

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Discipline Without Stress: Punishment or Rewards

Is the D: democratic level a good level to behave in? Why or why not? The Behavior Plan The plan has four levels that we will talk about in detail. After we discuss the levels we will then consider why having a behavior plan is a good idea. Lowest Level of the plan and the least desirable level of behavior. Classrooms or students at this level do not have order or are in chaos.

Examples are: noisy, fail to follow commands, and move throughout the classroom without permission. Anarchy Bullying/Bothering
At this level, students bully or bother others, with the purpose of frustration or irritation This behavior is acceptable and desired. Students cooperate with each other and the teacher. Examples are: students are asked to walk in a quiet line in the hallway and the students choose to cooperate with the request of the teacher. The student makes the choice to raise their hand before they speak during discussions. Cooperation Students take responsibility for their own behaviors. Ex: Self-reliant, respectful, and responsible, for their peers, surroundings-classroom, lunchroom, playground, hallway Democracy D C B Plan of Behavior A Students choose to act with good behavior or bad behavior

The action NOT the student will be placed in the level of behavior

Your fellow peers will see how you choose to act and will decide how you choose to present yourself everyday Everyone wants to behave in a responsible, kind, considerate, and respectful way. When students make the choice to behave appropriately they are creating the environment of democracy. This is our
plan of behavior. Why it is
a good idea
to have a plan
for behavior? Is the A: anarchy level a good
level to behave in Why or why not?
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