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Continents of the World

No description

Marcela Pinzon

on 16 April 2018

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Transcript of Continents of the World

Main features of America
1. North and South Hemisphere, Western hemisphere
2. Because it goes from north to south, it has a big variety of climates
3. North America is mostly plain in Canada and US. Mountains start in Mexico
4. Central America is filled with mountains and islands. Has high probability of hurricanes
5. Northern part of south America has both plains and mountains (where Andes Mountain range finish) so they have a huge variety of altitudes
6. In the Andes and Pampas they have the Andes mountain Range giving a variety of altitudes. They are affected by "El Niño" phenomenon
7. Brazil is characterized by the Amazon jungle and river. It's mainly plain and tropical.
Main Characteristics
Mostly in North Hemisphere and East Hemisphere, a small part in the Western Hemisphere
1. Cool climates, Glaciers at the north and warmer climate to the south
2. West Europe is filled with active volcanoes
3. East has extensive agriculture with Wheat and Rye. West has production of olives, cheese, flowers and grapes.
Main features of Africa
Located in the four Hemispheres
1. West center: Has the biggest desert (Sahara) and is mostly plain. Has a variety of ecosystems and depend on rivers (Niger/Congo) and rains (Near the Equator) to survive
2. South East: Has part of the Sahara, many lakes and a plain territory. Uses river as transportation (Nile). IS known for eco-turism and the extensive mineral mines.
Main characteristics of Asia
North-East Hemisphere (some parts of South-East Asia in the south Hemisphere)
1. South of Asia: Has the Indian sub-continent divided by Himalayas. Have the yearly Monsoon rains but the rest of the year is dry. Climate is constantly warm except in the Himalayas (Glaciers)
2. South-East Asia: Peninsula and islands. Mainly tropical with heavy rains (Monsoons). Is subject to Typhoons and Tsunamies
Main Features
1. Composed by Australia and Pacific Islands (Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia)
2. Flat Territory (Mostly in Australia)
3. Some Islands are made by volcanoes (rich in minerals)
4. Many tectonic plates: many volcanoes and tectonic movement
5. Dry and hot climate
Coral Reef
6. Unique animals.
7. South and East Hemisphere
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