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Ian Cunningham

Territory Update

Ian Cunningham

on 30 May 2012

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Transcript of Ian Cunningham

Ian Cunningham
An Introduction Success Going Forward A little bit about me Territory Overview "New Guy" - started Feb. 15
Past 7 yrs with Lincoln Mercury
From Boston lives in Dallas
Started a BBS 93' Bringing Clients back to the table
Over $1 Million Booked for 2010
New Opportunites What works What needs work Educating the client
Working from the bottom up
Getting Organized... Two Signifcant Challenges 1. Site Direct Buys 2. Outside Influences Time consuming
Often come pre-negotiated
Small Profit/Low Margin Specific Media
Cobalt Sites Site Direct Buys Current Challenges Pre-negotiation
Time consuming
Creates Budget Issues
Limited digital experience Addressing Issues Clearly established negotiation timelines
Establish Goodway as point of contact
Clarify site roles and timelines
Clear chain of custody Recommendations Offer two site-direct options Option 1
Full negotiation & POV
3 - 4 Week Timeline
Reduces Costs
Creates higher accountability Option II
Approved Package
1 - 2 Week timeline
Set projected cost 10 -15%
Hold sites accountable to set standards
Pay for performance (Audit based billing)
Based on agreed to CPM & Impressions
Reduces client paperwork
Signifcantly reduces media buyer time Campaigns live with Cadillac & BG
Offering dealer "retargeting" from LMA page
Claims one day creative turn around Partner and competitor
Claims Beep! network has 70% bounce rate
Claim are spurious as no Beep! traffic goes to Cadillac cobalt sites New Team, New Market and New England
Prospecting new clients (May 6th IHAF)
New England Velocity Transition
Continue to work from the bottom up Outside Influences Our advantage: third-party verification Demonstrates a lack of understanding
High bounce rate is related to landing page content
High bounce rate may not be a bad if customers is being served Thank you
Comments, questions or discussion
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