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FocusVision News 2015: May

No description

on 11 September 2015

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Transcript of FocusVision News 2015: May

It's the People
Employees of the Month
Staff News
New Hires, Promotions, Anniversaries
New Hires:
May 2015
Vol XCIII, No. 1
May 2015
A letter from Eric Grosgogeat
Looking for Talent
May was a challenging month, as we achieved the budget on VS/InterVu, Revelation and Research Reporter, but missed it on Decipher. On a positive note, we are starting to see a significant number of “cross-sell” opportunities, which should translate in increased revenue in the next few months. And the new Decipher cross-tab and Revelation group discussion are receiving very positive reviews!

I was in the UK last week and had a chance to meet several clients and visit both offices. Thank you to Richard, Lisa and Zhana for organizing the trip. It was great to see both the London and Tunbridge Wells teams.
-Eric Grosgogeat

Survey Programmer- Decipher- Bulgaria
Business Development Director- FV- Bulgaria
QA Specialist- Decipher- Bulgaria
Business Development Director- Decipher- USA
Business Development Associate- FV- USA
Client Development Manager- Decipher- UK
Director of Network Operations- FV- USA
Security and Risk Manager- FV- USA
Tech Developer- RR - Australia/Bulgaria
Full Stack Engineer - Revelation - Bulgaria
Desktop Support Technician- FV- USA

FocusVision News
One team. Different locations.

Sandra Cazares -- Lead Programmer - Fresno

Erinn Taylor - VP of Support - Fresno

Pasindu Samarasekera - Account Manager - Fresno

Decrypt goes to a Cricket Match!
Jamin and Kolten graduate with their MBA's!

Laura Haywood: Account Director - London
Kenneth Nelson: Lead Programmer - Fresno
DJ Agellon: Development Lead - Fresno
Anthony Thompson: Development Lead - Fresno
Shannon Hill: Manager of Customer Experience Testing - Remote
Brian Gerami: Developer - Fresno
Position Changes:
Jeremy Short: Client Liason- Online Support- Visa
Waldemar Brack - DQ Developer - Fresno
Justin Williams - Developer - Fresno
Brad Hamm - Developer- Fresno
Robert Aguilera - Front End Developer -Fresno
Shannon Hill- Manager of Customer Experience Testing Team- Remote
Vishal Agarwal had a
baby boy named, Abir!
Born May 17th
weighing 4.6 lbs.
Alex Maciel (Fresno) get's married in San Francisco and Graduates from FSU!
Don't see your name here?

Be sure and let your manager know for next month's newsletter!
Fred Arias - Manager of
Project Support - Stamford, CT - 17 Years
Mindy Aubin- Office Manager - Fresno, CA - 6 Years
Gene Fillipi - California
Tyler Breilein -Colorado
"Mindy has been great in not only ensuring that her work but also assisting in others' day-to-day activities with extra aid when needed. If she can't provide an answer to something she is always willing to point you in the right direction to get it answered. Mindy makes daily work much easier with her vast knowledge and her willingness to help."
Valentina Bonazzi - Singapore
Sidharth Dhawan (Sid) - Singapore
The Singapore Office did a Ukelele Workshop!
Trisha, Mindy, Hibo and Ryan E. spoke at a Career Fair at Heaton Elementary
Our Sales team volunteered with City Harvest!
City Harvest and FV!
Natalie Sexenian gets
married in Fresno, CA!
"Fred has done a great job helping or technical department with his tech savvy and his genuine compassion. He is a great leader!"
Iliyana Delcheva - Bulgaria
Svetlin Atanasov - Bulgaria
Yoana Savova - Bulgaria

Jeff Bergman - CFO - Fresno
Alexandra DeCosta - 2 Y - Stamford, CT

Tammy Taylor - Sales Operations Manager - Fresno
John Gibson -- Account Director - London

1 YEAR -
Business Development Director *remote*
Business Development Director *remote*
Business Development Director
Office Assistant
Applications Configuror
Applications Configuror
Associate Business Development Director
Jason Ruiz- Stamford
Business Development Director
Bennett Blake - Chicago
Business Development Director
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