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Pizza Via

No description

Maria Coreno

on 29 November 2016

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Transcript of Pizza Via

we will bring
the colour
of celebration
In the spirit of festivity
Culture through the ages ...
Authenticity in the making.
Pizza Via

Meet our friendly staff.
A wood-fire oven, designed and built, by the Chef.
You can taste the flavour of tradition,
through the flames.
Choose your own settings.
As tradition descends through the generations...
Bringing culture to the streets.

A clean and professional set-up.
In the passage,
from Italy to Australia,
traditional skills and old techniques,
were retained.
Master Chef, John Logue.
John Logue, has cultivated a passion, born from the roots of Italy.
Bringing old customs and techniques,
from the past to the present.
A tranquil environment.
Generating a continental atmosphere.
We cater for all occasions.
As the alluring aroma fills the air.
A product and service
delivered from the warmth
of a family business.
Mobile Woodfired Oven
Mobile Phone: Johnny 0412 710 183
Email: info@pizza-via.com.au
Web: www.pizza-via.com.au
Servicing Melbourne and surrounding areas.
Service with a smile.
Our staff are dedicated
to quality customer service.
A blend of fresh ingredients,
to create a delicate and delicious pizza.
Pizza toppings are freshly prepared.
Dough is hand-stretched.
The art of a traditional method,
to ensure perfection.
The Chef,
sets a high standard,
in the quality and freshness,
he provides to his customers.
The Chef,
has masterfully created,
an authentic range of pizzas,
using a unique combination of ingredients.
The Chef, brings alive old art forms,
from the creation of the oven to the final product.
We cater for specific dietary requirements.
Visit our website:


Conte, G., 2010.
Gne Gne
. [Sound Recording] (Italian Cafe).

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