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AVID Tutor Training: Introduction to Tutorials

This module is the first in a series of three learning opportunities around skill development as an AVID tutor. These modules are a mix of online and traditional face-to-face environments, geared to meet the needs of various learners.

Tony Borash

on 1 September 2013

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Transcript of AVID Tutor Training: Introduction to Tutorials

Overview of AVID
AVID Tutorial Goals
Top 10 Characteristics
of AVID Tutors
Role Comparison
End of Module 1
Teach students the social skills needed to work collaboratively to solve classwork
Empower students to think more deeply about what they are learning by asking and responding to higher level questions
Guide students in high-level discussions as a means of fostering critical thinking which enables students to succeed in rigorous courses.
Reinforce writing skills through review of class notes, learning logs, quick writes, essays and reflections.
Which words or phrases relate to students developing WICOR skills?
Top Tutors:
1. Report to the AVID Elective class on time and prepared to work.
2. Show initiative by doing what needs to be done without waiting to be asked.
3. Are well-groomed and dress appropriately, according to district and school guidelines.
4. Treat students, fellow tutors, teachers and other school personnel with respect.
5. Have good communication skills. Are willing to ask questions and provide constructive feedback to improve the quality of the AVID class.
6. Are eager to learn about their tutoring position and are open to new perspectives.
7. Collaborate with AVID teachers, students and other tutors.
8. Do quality work and remember that doing their very best will result in high achievement for AVID students.
9. Are knowledgeable about, understand and adhere to district/site policies and procedures.
10. Are knowledgeable about AVID and its mission, philosophy and methodologies so they can successfully fulfill their role.
Using this Cornell Notes sheet as an organizer, answer the following questions related to the Top 10 Characteristics of AVID Tutors.
Select More > Fullscreen in the bottom-right corner to get started.
Watch a video of a student's 30-Second Speech
Watch a video for a student's opinion of the tutorial process.
Develop a Venn diagram (left) to to compare what you saw as the roles of the students, of the teacher, and of the tutor during Tutorial: http://bit.ly/TpHZJD
Tutor &
Teacher &
Students &
All 3 roles
Introduction to Tutorials
Overview of this module:
Overview of AVID
AVID Tutorial Goals
The Top 10 Characteristics of AVID Tutors
Steps of the Tutorial Process
Comparison of Roles within Tutorial
This is the first half of the tutorial following
the 30-Second Speech. What do you notice about roles of the tutor? the students? the teacher?
This is the second half of the tutorial. What do you notice about the learning of the student? the tutor? the team?
Please verify completion on this form:
Overview of Module 1
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