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Cerrone Lundy

Overview of capabilities brought, impact generated, and desired position.

Cerrone Lundy

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Cerrone Lundy

I'm good with numbers
I Results
A little about Cerrone
Used data to help an innovative television station focused on improving teacher professional development to receive a $4 million grant from the Gates Foundation.

Used data to prove the validity of online microfinance platforms and playing a key role in helping Kiva receive a multiyear grant of $15 million from the Omidyar network.

Financial analysis of a $70 million organization revealed an unforeseen deficit of $10 million dollars and helped management to create a plan to avoid shutting down services to disadvantaged children in NYC.

Insights from the co-authored research report on the African-American market led to Pepsi Health and Wellness platform “Smart Spot” launch across portfolio.
Designed, executed, analyzed, and presented national qualitative and quantitative market research both for product testing and generation of consumer insights

Financial analysis (pro forma, scenario modeling, product-line profitability analysis)

Business analysis (competitive, capabilities, and organizational)
A well rounded and experienced professional looking to use creativity and analysis to drive impact at an innovative organization
Interesting guy
Chronological experience:

August 2010-present - Freelance Marketing Consultant and Founder of Seam (www.seamnyc.com)
Freelance consultant providing marketing and branding consulting to NYC based clients.
Founder and leader of an independent consulting organization that provides marketing, branding, and. communications services to small to mid-sized nonprofits in the Greater NYC area.

2008-August 2010 - Consultant -The Bridgespan Group (of Bain & Company, Inc.)
Led and contributed to various management consulting projects including planning, execution, and analysis of market research, quantitative analysis, and financial analysis (pro forma, scenario modeling, PLP) of organizations to maximize their effectiveness, decrease their costs, define their strategies, and amplify their positive social impact. Additional responsibilities included managing associate consultants and consultants, developing new business, and client management.

Spring 2008 - Senior Brand Strategist - GlobalHue
Generated brand and consumer insights for the Advertising Council’s Anti drinking campaign and for the Verizon Telecom accounts, briefed creative teams, evaluated output and presented campaigns to senior members of client teams for reviews.

Fall 2007 - SCC Intern - Booz & Co
Partnered with consultants from Booz & Co, in conjunction with the Clinton Foundation to analyze the needs of businesses in the Harlem NYC area. Tasks included planning, and executing qualitative research, analysis of financial data, and synthesizing and presenting findings to executive leadership.

Summer 2007 - Summer Associate Brand Manager - Hasbro
Collaborated with a crossfunctional team of people from the Design, Engineering, and Packaging groups to develop, produce, and ditribute GI Joe action figures, executing promotions with Agency partners, forecasting and tracking sales for the $20 million GI Joe brand, Developed strategy to promote GI Joe's 25th anniversary collection.

2005-2007 - Strategic Planner - SpikeDDB, LLC
Performed competitive analysis, wrote creative briefs, executed market research and consumer insight generation, and led the creative teams in the development of communications for all SpikeDDB clients including State Farm, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Frito Lay, TNT, Royal Caribbean, Essence and the Democratic National Committee. Results include continued profitability as well as increased brand affinity (as measured by 3rd party metrics groups). Additional responsibilities included new business development and trend spotting.

2004-2005 - Account Executive - SpikeDDB, LLC
Managed the PepsiCo and Essence accounts, including the production of print, television and radio ads, maintaining the client relationship, and overseeing the budget.
Easy to contact!
Email: Cerrone@gmail.com
Planned, conducted, supervised, and synthesized immersions into a variety of different consumer groups ranging from multicultural millennials to moms to boomer to cancer patients and everything in between

Ideation, research, and development of category-crossing new products for FMCGs, financial services, healthcare, and media

Led teams in the creation of product claims, positioning statements, and package design

Developed innovative new frameworks to understand the interaction between multicultural consumer and general market consumers
Brand/Strategy Consulting: Brand and Business development for Verge Records; volunteer brand strategy development for non-profits through the Taproot Foundation.

Activities: Judge of business competitions, member of MENSA, study abroad in China, travel in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Japan, former musician, and former martial arts instructor.

Proficient using Excel, PowerPoint, SPSS, Minitab, Crystal ball, Weka, and others.

NEW YORK UNIVERSITY - Leonard N. Stern School of Business
Master of Business Administration, May 2008

Bachelor of Science, Communications Studies, January 2004
Specializing in Strategy, Marketing and Data Modeling & Decision Modeling
Harvey Beker Scholar
Class of 2005 Legacy Fellow
Continuing Education:

Post graduate course in quantitative research (Spring 2009)

Post graduate course in graphic design (Spring 2010)

Bain & Company, Inc.
Completed world-renowned Bain & Company management consultant training
I use insight and innovation to help business succeed
I know what I'm doing
Cerrone's dog Tyson (in his raincoat)
Cerrone in Cambodia
In Africa
"Since joining Bridgespan, Cerrone and I have worked on 4 projects, each of which has required innovative market research techniques to tease out insights for our clients (ranging from finding ways to use new media to develop teachers through to using online platforms to create charitable networks). He is careful and methodical while having the ability to think about new product concepts from the point of view of the potential user. He does not need to fill the room with his presence but rather speaks selectively, as a result, clients tend to listen more deeply to Cerrone and value the thought that he puts behind what he says. I find this unusual and exceptionally valuable to the team-based problem solving that we do.

Finally, Cerrone is just a really great guy to have on the team. He's easy going and fun to spend time with. I'd pick him to be on any team working on any problem I can imagine facing in my work."

Partner at the Bridgespan Group
People like me
"I have a deep love of design, trend tracking, and cultural immersions"
Caught deep in thought while in a rickshaw in vietnam
“Cerrone is creative, thoughtful, helpful, and able to turn around excellent work under tight deadlines."

Rani Deshpande, Project Director, Save the Children
"Cerrone’s work allowed us to get a better understanding of our constituents than we’ve ever had before. I highly recommend Cerrone, he’s smart, professional, creative and just a nice guy to work with."

Ken Chen, Executive Director, Asian American Writers Workshop
(usually, lol)
(Other than my mom)
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