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Living test

No description


on 10 June 2015

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Transcript of Living test

What is a living wall?
It is a self-sufficient
vertical garden
attached to the
exterior or
interior of a building.
Air Quality
Indoor plants can create healthier breathing spaces by up to 30%
Plants grow vertically, just like in nature
Visually stunning
Adds texture
Life Science
Artistic mural
reflects sound @ low frequencies
absorbs sound @ high frequencies
reduces reverberation time
Touchable walls with interactive educational panels incorporated.
Option for planting station for young kids
Use imbedded lights in the wall to highlight different plants (visitors push buttons to turn them on)
Connect interior wall to exterior native gardens (Julie)
New Exhibit
New form of Science represented:
Ecology & Biology

Visually stunning and artistic
Bamboo Palm
Chinese Evergreen
Janet Craig Dracaena
Marginata Dracaena
Adds tremendous value to the rental space
Sponsorship Opportunities
Foundation Support
Companies wanting to "Green their Image"
Aesthetic & artistic
Dedicated space for members events, groups, dining experiences & private parties
Sponsorship Opportunities
Absorbing & better Air quality
Ecology & Plant Biology Studies
Environmental Awareness
Hydroponics & grow light systems
Native & urban gardening
Touch screen technology & MSC You Tube videos between panels
Hands On
TEST air quality &
sound absorption
Automatic irrigation system.
They are water efficient.
Hydroponic/soil-less makes them very clean.
Eliminates the possibility of soil borne pathogens.
It is the lightest green wall system on the market today!
Green Over Grey™ green walls are low maintenance
At Green over Grey™ offers maintenance packages which guarantee a beautiful, lush and healthy green wall at all times. They are intended to eliminate any work by you and to give you total peace of mind.
rock face is moistened
by a small spring above by automatic irrigation, 100% recycled waterproof eco-panels.
Algae and mosses begin to
colonize the rock
and form a thick mat on top of the recycled capillary fabric.
Seeds drop
into the moss layer and
As the roots emerge they anchor themselves to the crevices of the
structural rooting membrane
Panels are kept moist by the
layer of moss
covering them
The Green Over Grey system
Structural Engineering
living wall exhibit
Roughly estimated per sq ft:
$150 - 220 @ 1,000 sq ft
(Green over Grey)
Rough estimate of
simpler structure:
$50-70 per sq ft = $50,000-70,000
Simple Living wall in a small space
Lease potted plants & trees
Or invest in this stunning plantscape & create environmental exhibits between the gardens.
50+ plants begin to efficiently
create cleaner air

New Marketing Campaign
New meeting & dining space
Unique install among cultural institutions in Midtown
Community Impact
concrete wall
Funding Opportunity
Performance Art
Fine Art Debuts
Fashion Shows
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