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Renaissance History

No description

on 28 March 2015

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Transcript of Renaissance History

Timeline (cont)
1572 – John Donne born
1580 – Francis Drake sails around the world
1584 – First English colony established in the New World by Sir Walter Raleigh
1585-1604 – England wars with Spain
1593 – The theaters are closed due to the black plague; Christopher Marlowe dies
1600 –East India Company granted charter by the queen, becomes ruler of large areas of India and begins British colonialism in India

Timeline (cont)
1603 – Queen Elizabeth dies; Theaters closed by plague
1608 – Theaters closed by plague
1616 – Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare die
1624-1630 – England wars with Spain
1627-1629 – England wars with France
1631 – John Donne dies
1642 – Beginning of the English Civil War; Puritans close theaters and playhouses, considering them sinful
-Thirty Nine Articles for Church of England
-Catholicism illegal
-Queen Elizabeth excommunicated and Pope said her murder was pre-absolved
-Fines levyed
-Puritanism fairly common
Queen Elizabeth I
-Not first in line for the throne
-Queen Mary I of England, aka Bloody Mary, her elder sister
-Hated by Vatican due to anti-Catholic sentiment
-Arts, language, expansion overseas
-Public relations and "Poor Laws"
-Reputation for wisdom
-No blood heirs, no husband, only possible heir her political rival
Thank you!
Timeline of Events
1547 – Miguel de Cervantes born
1558 – Coronation of Queen Elizabeth
1563 – Martin Luther’s Thirty-Nine Articles
1564 – William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe born
1570 – Queen Elizabeth I excommunicated by Catholic church

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Renaissance History
This section by Carine Swanson
The Black Plague
-Killed people because they hated bathing
-Fleas, not rats
-Scared the poopy out of people
-Common to burn down the houses of anyone beginning to show symptoms
-Fever, chills
-Big black lumps in areas like the armpit
-Franky sails around the world
-New World colonies
-”Gold, praise, and glory!”
-Spices, silks, mummies, tobacco, crops, natives
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