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Doctor Prompt

An entry in HISA's Health Apps Challenge 2013

Alicia Cook

on 20 June 2013

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Transcript of Doctor Prompt

Ever been to a medical appointment and been embarrassed to ask your doctor something?
You're not alone!
Doctor Prompt is an app that helps you talk to your doctor
You can keep written notes, voice notes or pictures and video notes
A research study found that nearly two thirds of people avoid discussing embarrassing health conditions with their GP
And sexual health and mental health conditions are top of the list of subjects that people would rather not discuss
Instead, people...

or just suffer in silence
I'm more of a talker than a typer...
so leave yourself a
voice reminder!
Maybe you've got a rash and you'd like to talk to your doctor before you get your kit off?
So take a photo
or a video!
I think I like a tick list.
And that option is available too.
Doctor Prompt can also be used
to make notes AFTER your appointment
You could use
Doctor Prompt to
take photos of test results.
Your doctor might agree to record the key things you need to remember
Or you could type
yourself a note

Doctor Prompt is just three simple functions
Just tap the icon and you're up and running
In the future, Doctor Prompt could form part of a consumer health record
And users could quickly
authenticate and jump to
their PCEHR
Content could be shared with health care provider medical records or uploaded to the PCEHR system
Or for anyone who would like help or a reminder during their appointment
Doctor Prompt is something anyone with a smartphone could use.
For people with potentially embarrassing conditions
So, who is this for?
But it's especially helpful for people with chronic or complex conditions
Thanks for watching!
You can follow me on
Twitter @AliciaCook8
If you like the concept, please share this link! #HIC13
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