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Almost Home

No description

Hollee Stewart

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Almost Home

After Mr. Leeland lost all the family money, Reba and Sugar lost everything as well. They got evicted from their home because they could not afford the rent. The two had to begin living in their car. They had no money so they had no food except some bread. Sugar only had Shush to rely on.

One day Reba received a call from a friend in Chicago about a job up there. Reba decided the two of them should move to Chicago so they packed up and moved. The day of the interview Reba left Sugar with Shush at the park to wait for her. But Reba left Sugar for a long time. Sugar waited over 3 hrs and when Reba came back something was wrong. Reba said she never went to the interview. Reba sat on the park bench and started rocking back and forth and mumbling. Sugar was scared that something was wrong with her mom so she asked a runner in the park to come and help. The runner called the police and they brought Reba to the hospital. But because Sugar and her mom were homeless they also called Child Protective Services and Sugar was placed in a group home.
Now Reba was in the hospital and Sugar was in the group home. Sugar wanted to try to make it on her own but knew she needed some money. She asked an old man with a dog if she could walk his dog for money and he said yes. The old man, Mr. Cockburn said Sugar must walk the dog every day to get the money so she did. Sugar also tried to visit her mom at the hospital every day but the hospital told her she could visit only once a week.

One day a social worker from Child Protective Services, Dana Woods, came and told Sugar that they had a nice foster home for her to stay in. Ms. Woods said the foster parents were Mac & Lexie. Although Sugar was not happy she met the people and decided to give it a chance

In Mississippi there was a girl named Sugar who was in the 6th grade, and her mom, Reba. They once had a full family with a dad, mom and daughter. Sugar's dad Mr. Leeland was a gambling man who lost all the family money as well as Reba's family money. So Mr. Leeland and Reba got a divorce, but Reba still loved her husband. Sugar was given a dog named Shush by a little girl that didn't want the dog anymore. Shush was scared because he had been beaten and hurt. Now Shush was given a second chance with Sugar.
Almost Home
by Joan Bauer
Mac and Lexie had a great house with a room just for Sugar. She got a new room that was painted pink with a big bed and a nice dresser, things she wasn't use to having. It took Sugar a while to adjust to the house and new "parent's" but after a few weeks she got use to the routine. She loved going shopping with Lexie and go to the little bakery called Sweet Spot. Sugar was starting to enjoy all the things she had with her foster parents but still visited Reba and really missed her.

Reba was getting out of the hospital and heard there was a job opening at the Sweet Spot and decided to go for it. A few days later Reba got a call that she had gotten the job. Everyone was overjoyed. The counselor for Reba decided that because Mac and Lexie had a spare room and Reba could walk to work and be able to live with Sugar that Reba should rent the room. Reba was excited she could rent the room, have access to work and be with Sugar.
This book taught me that even though things look bad at times there is always someone good out there to help you. You should never give up on your dreams.
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