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CBL Process Presentations

No description

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of CBL Process Presentations

By: Kairy Garcia, Daisy Sinchi ,Emely Pereira,
Solution Idea
CBL Process Presentations
To lead us to our idea for our CBL we first thought
that we would wright a sticky with something nice on
back of someone but we later thought that that would
be quit difficult so then Jared thought of an idea to
create posters and put them all over the hallways. After
that i thought that we should put a quote on it and
a picture on each poster. Right now we are currently still putting posters up in the hallways.

Process Step 1
Step 5
Step 3
jared koenigsberg
Finding pictures was not two bad but when we found a picture that most group members agreed on but daisy did not agree so we did her pictures and our pictures. For qotes we could not find any thing on the internet so we made our own.
Our first step was to think of an idea that will help people be kind to one another. Jared kind of came up with the idea of doing poster and after that we decided to put a quote and a picture that represents kindness. Our first step was also to figure out what day should we hang these posters up and if we would have enough time to finish these posters before the due date that we decided on.
The struggles we had were
that we always didn't agree on ever.An example of a disagreement was when we were deciding our pictures to put in the posters. But at the end we compromised that in some posters we would have one picture and on other posters we would have a different picture.
step 4
Miss.M gave us passes and we went to put up the poster up but we did not finish and two days later we finished putting them up, during homeroom.
Making the posters was not
that bad. We put the quote then
put are pictures on and did a
lining. That was really it.
Step 2 :
The materials we used were markers,which we got from Ms.M, posters that we also got from Ms.m and finally Daisy printed out pictures that had people around the world and a pair of hands holding together.

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