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Personal Legends of People Around Us

No description

Alberto Garcia

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Personal Legends of People Around Us

Personal Legends of People Around Us
Guillermo's Personal Legend
He wanted a better job
He worked in different jobs to get to the job he has now
Challenges in Common:
Catherine learned that perusing her personal legend helped her to gain confidence that she can do anything that she sets her mind to.
Catherine Cole's Personal Legend
She strived to get good grades.
She dreamed of being an educator.
She always wanted to make her family proud of her.
Both her parents were sick, Mom had cancer twice and Dad had skin cancer with
He works in hardwood floors
Has his own company
Her personal legend was to attend college.
Financial problems. Overcame this by receiving a scholarship, The Gates Millennium.
She tried to be determined in her work throughout her college years.
She graduated, Class of 2013'.
Veronica Gonzalez
Catherine's dad had died and she went to College in New York so she had to leave her mom at home in SF
Personal Legend Of People Around Us
Guillermo's dad died and
decided it was time to follow
his personal legend
Guillermo learned that
following his personal legend
gained him responsibility
and to cherish his job.
Veronica learned from her personal legend to be responsible by focusing on her school work despite her struggles.
Veronica didn't go through mourning but did move out of her parents house and had to take on a lot of responsibility
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