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Alyssa Cornelius

on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of Cytoskeleton

The Cytoskeleton
The cytoskeleton is the structure that is responsible for cell shape, movement, and internal transport.
The cytoskeleton contains actin filaments, intermediate filaments, and microtubles, which maintain the shape of the cell and allow the cell and organelles to move.

The cytoskeleton has specialized characteristics; it is able to rearrange its protein components as necessary in response to external and internal changes in enviornment.
Parts of the Cytoskeleton
Reasons why the cytoskeleton is important:
The cytoskeleton is vital because: it maintains structure and enables movement of the cells and its parts.
Actin Filaments, Intermediate Filaments, and Microtubules:
Actin filaments are long, flexible fibers that provide structural support as a dense, intertwined web under the plasma membrane; they also interact with motor molecules to move the cell and organelles.
Intermediate filaments function in support; some support the nuclear envelope and other support the plasma membranes.
Microtubules are hollow cylinders that help maintain the shape of the cell and acts as tracks along which organelles are moved.

The cytoskeleton is a vital component of cells, for without structure and the ability to adjust to internal and external changes, the cell would be unable to function.
Need support? The cytoskeleton has got your back!
Cytoskeleton's "Party" Members
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