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DNA Wordle Project

No description

Travis Craig

on 13 April 2011

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Transcript of DNA Wordle Project

Deoxyribonucleic Acid Deoxyribonucleic Acid -Contains the genetic instructions used in living organisms. -"Double Helix" Shape -Developed by Watson and Crick -Identified as a 'transforming factor' by Avery.
Hershey, Chase, Watson, and Crick provided
additional evidence. Replication: The process of copying DNA. The Process of
Copying DNA. Ribonucleic Acid -Come in groups of three to craft
the amino acids. -Patterns in which the information in DNA is kept. -Similar structure to DNA. -Utilizes uracil -Acts as a messenger for DNA. Blueprint for a protein product. -Transcribed from DNA. -"Messenger" RNA. -Carries blueprint to sight of
protein synthesis. Nucleotide: Structural units of DNA. -Adenine -Thymine -Guanine -Cytosine -Uracil (in RNA) DNA -Instructions are given through the transcription of code to RNA which is later delivered and translated to amino acid. -Form in sets of three, called codons. -Information is coded in both
DNA and RNA through nucleotides. -Mutations can change the codes in codons to alter the production of amino acids. -Mutations cause the nucleotides in a
stream of information to change. -This may or may not affect which amino acid is produced. -Deletion -Substitution -Insertion. -Deletion and Insertion
mutations affect the entire
code ahead of them.
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