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Drugs in Cyling

No description

Claire Woods

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of Drugs in Cyling

Drugs in Cycling
Future for Cycling
The Lance Armstrong Scandal
'Armstrong stripped of Tour titles, banned for life'
-ABC News, 22 Oct 2012
Two Fatalities, One massive problem
Knud Jensen, 1960
Drug testing common practice
Eddy Merckx 1969
Festina Scandal
2001 - 18th Stage of the Giro D'Italia cancelled
Where it all began
Choppy Warburton
'The Little Black Bottle'
Open admissions to doping
Interviewer: ‘When do you take drugs?’
Fausto Coppi: ‘Whenever it is necessary.’
Interviewer: ‘And when is it necessary?’
Fausto Coppi: ‘Almost always.’
Arthur Linton
Tom Simpson, 1967
Tested positive for stimulant reactivan during Giro D'Italia
Rudi Altig 1969
Failed three drug tests during the Tour De France
Dietrich Thurau 1980
Failed three drug tests during the Tour De France
Festina Team Press Conference
2001 Festina Team
Drug Development
Lance Armstrong's Positive Drug Tests
Positive drug tests denied under belief that samples had been mishandled.
Lance Armstrong
5 Key Tour De France Contenders Disqualified
Floyd Landis 2006
2006 Tour De France winner, Floyd Landis, stripped of title after testing positive to PED's.
Drugs in Cycling
What is being done?
Professional cycling bodies and tour governors develop their own laws.
World Anti Doping Agency
- Developed in 1999
- Monitors the World Anti Doping Code
As the technology to combat doping in cycling increases, as to does the sophistication of doping in the sport.
Attitude toward drug use
Many within the professional cycling world believe the use of PED's is a matter of individual choice.
Other Justifications for Drug Use
- Exaggerated health dangers
- Governing bodies and media produced an illegitimate stance on the issue
Do whatever it takes to be the best.
Shift in attitude
Doping issue is back in the international spotlight.
Lance Armstrong
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