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book report: how to steal a dog

No description

Lynae Bayne

on 3 June 2011

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Transcript of book report: how to steal a dog

How to Steal a Dog
by,Barbara O'Connor Main Characters: Georgina Hayes: She is one of the strongest people in her family. She knows that she ,her mom, and her brother are living in a car right now. So to her stealing a dog might solve all of her problems. Toby: He is the brother of Georgina. He is only in third grade. Everything that is going on around him makes him very confused, but he learns just to go along with anything his mom or sister does. Mama: The mother of Georgina and Toby. She tries her best to find her family a home, while working many jobs. She does her best to explain to her children that everything is going to be ok. Carmella: She is the one who gets her dog stolen. She loves her dog to death and Georgina knows that but she cant decide if she should give the dog back yet. Carmella still suffers wondering where her dog is. Mookie: Is intrduced in the middle of the story. Georgina meets him at the back of a house where she kept the dog. When Georgina is not around Mookie feeds the dog and takes care of him. He is also homeless. Luanne:She is introduced in the beginning of the story. She is also Georgina's best friend until she finds out that her family is homeless. She finds this out because she is very nosy and has to know everything. Plot: In this story Georgina and her family are living in a car. Things are going very bad for them right now. They are really struggling financially.Eventually Georgina comes up with a plan to find a really nice dog and steal him. So that way the owner of the dog can put up reward signs and then they can hand back the dog and get the money so they can find a new place to live.Mama is doing all that she can to find them a home. She is working many jobs. Still Georgina and her brother Toby are going to school with dirty clothes on and messy hair. Finally Georgina and Toby find a really nice dog with a rich owner(so they think). They decide to take him. So they find a piece of string and use it as a leash. As time goes on they run into the owner whose name is Carmella and she is asking where her dog is but they act innocent. The owner likes them and they become friends. But they dont tell her any secrets. Georgina decides to keep the dog (Willy) behind an old house. That is when they meet Mookie. Mookie is homeless and rides around on his bike finding places where he can sleep. Georgina meets him when he is at the back of the house. He is actually a very nice guy. Georgina forgets that one of the responsibilities to take care of a dog is to feed them. But most of the time that is what mookie did. Georgina starts to feel bad that she took someones dog from an owner who loves him very much. She even starts to think that it is worthless when she finds out that Carmella is broke. Should she give the dog back or not??????? Setting: The setting mostly in this story is in a car where they live.It also sometimes takes place at their school. Another main setting is when they are behind a house where the dog is kept. All of these places were in the book. Climax: The climax of this story is when Georgina is tired of being in the situation that she is in and she steals Carmellas dog Willy. She knows that what she is doing is bad but she knows that her family needs some money. She waits to see a reward sign for the dog. When she realizes that Carmella has no money she cant decide to give the dog back or to keep it. Resolution: The resolution of the "book How to Steal a Dog is when Georgina realizes that what she is doing is wrong.Plus the owner Carmella doesnt have any money to put up a reward sign and that doesnt get Georgina anywhere. She decides to give the dog back. Stealing a dog makes her feel horrible.She thinks that Carmella is going to be mad at her but they have a little talk and Carmella understands.To make it even better Mama finds a house for her family that they can afford. All of their family problems are now solved.
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