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Portfolios in the English Classroom

This is introducing the students to the portfolio, which will comprise the majority of their grade in the class.

Jenny Razor

on 30 June 2010

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Transcript of Portfolios in the English Classroom

Each semester, there are
4 types of writing that you will be expected
to have written rough drafts for, revised at
least once and turned into a final copy. Types of Writing ALWAYS KEEP YOUR DRAFTS!!! Producing the Writing Revising the Writing Assessing the Writing Purpose Choic Writing Beliefs There's no such thing as a final draft. Personal writing is equally as important as "school" writing. Revision is a 2nd chance, a 3rd chance, a 4th chance, etc. Related to class novels, topics, units, etc. Small Groups Peer Revision Teacher Comment Multiple Drafts 1st Quarter Turn in
(Letter from me) At end of semester: holistic Reading, Writing, Thinking Revision Writing Types Reflection Conventions Juniors-semester one:
Makes an argument
Extended Journal
EQ response Sophomores-semester one:
Extended Journal
Personal Narrative
EQ Response They are called "types" of writing because they are meant to be open-ended and not just topics that you write about. Although we will have topics, you can always go in a different direction, as long as you are fulfilling the parameters of the type. Journaling Weekly personal topics class topics Family
War What does it mean to live with Integrity? Essential Question: eflect ee growth roficiency sticky notes feedback strategies online, in class after comments and time to think Portfolios
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