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Who Am I?

No description

Kenneth Bonasse

on 28 March 2017

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Transcript of Who Am I?

Kenneth Bonasse
Where are you going?
I'm going to college, if I don't get accepted in the Air Force, in at least one to two years from now,but have on campus housing for the full four years.
End quote
Life Goals
In band, FCCLA, and NHS
Hard worker when I like the job
I like to collect cards
I like to play video games
Siblings: (7)
Brothers: (5)
Markieth- 23 years old
Brandon- 20 years old
Blade- 9 years old
Kevin- 5 years old
Gideon- 4 years old
Sisters: (2)
Christina- 11 years old
Gwen- 1years old
Next Year
I am going to be working out till I am in good condition for the Air Force for at least a year so I can get a break from school if I don't get accepted and go to college if I don't.
How do you get there?
Long term
Save lots of money
Fill out and turn in college application.
After Graduation
After five years:

Just getting out of college getting into a cheap house of my own-not living with my parents- with a good paying job.
Are you going to have a family of your own?
A wife
At least three kids being the max.
A big dog
Parents: (2)
Emerine- Mom 41 years old
Dale- Dad 44 years old
After ten Years:

Making my own business of designing computers. I'm going to have a big dog, not one of those pesky little ankle biters. I will try to get married by that time.
How are you going to obtain your goals?
Where are you going to live?
Long term

Try to get accepted into the Air Force
Go to college
Make my own buisness
Extra Stuff
Short term
Turn assignments in on time
Study so I can do well on future test/ exams
Filling out a job application and turning in my resume
Short term:

Set aside all distractions so I can focus on getting the good grades, Ex. video games, playing outside, etc.
Long term:

Fill out as much applications that I can so I can turn them in all at once and see what one will accept me (Only the jobs I would like to do)
I'm going to move back to Nebraska and get a medium size house.
Short term

Graduate on time from the high school
Find a job to help pay for college
Thank you for watching!

Any questions?
For band there is a festival where you get graded as a whole
Freshman year:2
Sophomore year:1
Junior year:2
Senior year:2
For FCCLA we go to competition and get graded on the work we do as a group of four
Junior year:Gold
Senior year:Gold
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