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Omnivore's Dilemma

Project in progress.

Daphne W.

on 11 June 2012

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Transcript of Omnivore's Dilemma

The Omnivore's Dilemma Survey Survey The Omnivore's Dilemma Our group has not only interviewed our classmates in the class. Daphne also interviewed over 100 people around the world online, for example, people living in the United Kingdom, Germany, China, Poland, including the United states and etc. Do you prefer fast foods(hamburgers, chips, etc.) or healthy foods(vegetables and fruits)?

Fast Foods

Healthy Foods
44.4% Results Results 1 . 1 . By Daphne W. Percentage of Population Obesity in Top 30 Countries The Rest of the Results What's really on your plate Ideas Big and.... ... small We should change to traditional farming.
It is the natural way to harvest "real food" and It can help the economy. There has recently been a rise in obesity lately. The reason behind this rise is mainly because of the unhealthy foods that are being produced by many food industries. Our group decided to interview people in our classroom about their personal likes and any suggestions that they have that would help the economy and end the "fake foods". Nowadays, we aren't really considered to be eating real food. They aren't healthy and they are mainly fake and not what that actually seem to be. Chickens are sometimes injected with hormones to increase the speed of growth and increase fatness in the body to create a bigger portion. This way of producing is not the natural way. It is cheap and a cheat. The world should stay simple and not harm the environment anymore by factories releasing toxins in the air. Words from Ms. Bellamy Words from Ms. Bellamy Do you prefer fast foods(hamburgers, chips, etc.) or healthy foods(vegetables and fruits)?

Ms. Bellamy: I personally prefer healthy foods but, I also like some junk foods.

2. Do you understand what is happening to our economy due to factory farms?

Yes, I understand that food industries are making more money because of their prices and sales. For example, I just bought a orange juice carton and it is more expensive than the ones sweetened. It is because it is all natural and healthy.

Daphne: I understand that, even though the prices are set as low prices, food industries producing unhealthy/junk foods make more sales which means they also make more profits.

3. Do you understand that some types of food industries causes the obesity rate to rise?

Ms. Bellamy: Yes, I understand that some types of food industries causes the obesity rate to rise. Many people are getting obese lately because of what they buy. Unhealthy foods are considered to taste good but the thing is that most people would like to eat healthy foods but the thing is that some people do not have access to healthy foods in types of places where they live. Some people also buy the foods that cost less or what they can afford.

Daphne, Menreet, and Michelle :Thank you for your wonderful response. Helpful links:
Menreet's Prezi :http://prezi.com/ret6lyxe-kuk/the-omnivores-dilemma/
http://michaelpollan.com/ The Official US Obesity Rates Timeline Through 1985 to 2009 Documentaries related/ arguing about foods. WE are the PEOPLE
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