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Writing the Future: Digital Composition

This session will focus on how teachers can utilize the latest technology to enhance and motivate student writing.

Dana Mackey

on 9 July 2010

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Transcript of Writing the Future: Digital Composition

Digital Composition digital exploration affordances modalities additional resources references Welcome, I'm dana!
Your digital iq:
Introductions and Quick write: rate your
digital intelligence 1: Digitally underdeveloped 5: expert of electronic education the future of technology Youtube: future Technology chalk talk:
what does it all mean?
constraints? increased writing opportunities larger, authentic audience relevance code-switching skills motivation and engagement creativity future job
preparation multiple learning
styles new literacies What do I think? We, Teachers of Writing, are the gatekeepers of what passes as composition. Within this leadership role, we best serve our students and the public by avoiding strict, traditional definitions and standardizations of composition. To prepare our students for the future, we create a space in the classroom for differing modes of composition.
NCTE Just Happens to agree... word processing powerpoint wikis webpages email blogs second life glogster google docs hypertext chat rooms facebook my space online portfolios twitter nings videos podcasts voicethreads What's that?
a podcast is an audio broadcast. how do I begin? does it really work? mac: GarageBand Free download
Download LAME MP3 encoder
Free Tutorial for Audacity

pc: audacity what do you think about this student example? Seen enough?
or do you want more? www.prezi.com what's that? how do i begin? does it really work? mac: imovie pc: moviemaker what do you think about these student examples? For tutorials, open MovieMaker and select links under “Movie Making Tips.” The key for Movie Maker is to finalize a movie. When you or a student is completely finished creating a movie, select “SAVE TO MY COMPUTER” and select “FINISH MOVIE.” Follow instructions. Select, “best quality for playback on my computer” and then hit next. Be patient! What's that? does it really work? how do i begin? VoiceThread is an application that runs inside your
web browser and allows you to transform
collections of media, like images, videos, documents,
and presentations, into a place for a conversation.
Visit: www.voicethread.com
For a great tutorial, find “Getting Started in the Classroom.”
Select the “VoiceThread Solutions tab,” and click on K-12 icon.
Finally, scroll to the bottom of the page to find the link. let's check it out! really, there are too many
digital composition resources
out there! I recommend reading
cynthia selfe and troy hicks.
please see list of references
for additional resources.
good luck! E-Portfolios
Dr. Helen Barrett’s comprehensive
website about digital storytelling
and electronic portfolio development:
http://electronicportfolios.org Copyright
Professor Renee Hobbs at Temple University
has created this site to advance media literacy
education through scholarship and community service.
Check out the resources for copyright information
and fair use in media literacy projects.
Fair Use
To help prevent copyright issues,
encourage students to use
Creative Commons,
a website that collects licensed
materials from which students
can build and create.
www.creativecommons.org your turn! think about one of
your assignments. does it have a
tech/digital component? if yes, teach us! if no, could it? Digital Writing Workshop Ning
Join this ning: A digital companion
to Troy Hicks’ book, The Digital Writing Workshop.

finally, thank you!
email me with your ideas
and questions:
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