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About me

No description

Nicholas Dehzad

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of About me

20 Things about me Football I like to play football because it is fun and it takes a lot of hard work and it feels good when all that hard work pays off.
I watch some football on TV but it is usually college because I find that more exciting then NFL football.
Baseball I like baseball because it is a relaxing sport and you have to have a short memory and a stable mind.
My favorite teams in baseball are the New York Yankees and the Colorado Rockies. I like to have the newest electronical device that is out at the time.
I need to have a nice TV in my room so I can enjoy everything in the best quality. Electronics I am a competitive person so I like to play people in anything possible and win so the easiest way to do that is to play video games.
I have a lot of sports games that I play with my brother and I want to win so I can have bragging rights. Video Games I like action movies with superheros like Captain America, Iron Man, Spider man, and Thor.
I sometimes watch shooting movies but not all the time.
Action Movies I really like comedy movies because the jokes they use I can use in my conversations with friends and see if it worked.
The bad thing about comedies is that they could be really funny or just not funny at all and a waste of money so it is risky Comedy movies My favorite kind of TV shows are sit coms because there usually really funny and have a point to it or they have an addictive story. TV shows On the left is Alex and
on the right is Tony I have two brothers I was born in San Francisco and then we moved to yountville when I was two.
When I was 4 we moved to Napa and we still live here.
I grew up in Napa I went to school at St. John the Baptist Catholic school and I learned all about God. My Favorite food is hamburgers I got confirmed My favorite movie is Dark Knight I only wear these shoes This summer we went to Santa Cruz I rode the Giant Dipper I am insanely interested with space My favorite TV show is Two and a half men My favorite song is over by Drake I want to go to TCU
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