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The Air Around Us...-.-

No description

Audrey Vianney

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of The Air Around Us...-.-

Properties of Carbon Dioxide...
~Slightly more soluble in water than oxygen
~Denser than air
~Very soluble with sodium solution
~Extinguishes a glowing splinter
~Burning splinter extinguishes
~Blue litmus paper turns red(carbon is an acidic gas)
~Lime water turns cloudy
~Red hydrogen carbonate indicator turns yellow
Effect of air pollution on human beings&their surroundings...

*Human Health
*World Climate
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Properties of Oxygen...
~Slightly soluble in water
~Same density as water
~Not soluble with sodium solution
~Relights a glowing splinter
~Burning splinter burns brightly
~No change on moist litmus paper
~No change on lime water
~No change on hydrogen carbonate indicater
The Air around us!!
There are...
Oxygen is needed for respiration...
~Respiration is a process by which our body obtains & uses oxygen to oxidise food for the production of energy.
~Living things use oxygen & gives out carbon during respiration.
~Combustion is a chemical process.
~Oxygen,heat&fuel are needed for combustion.
Oxygen also is needed for combustion...
Air Pollutant causes...
Air Pollution!!!!x.x
Dust... Carbon dioxide Pesticides Smoke

Poisonous gases Chemical substances

Agricultural waste
Example of pollutant include :
So,let us not
defile our air!!
<-What is this??
Air balloon.........
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