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EDCMOOC - Digital artefact - Námesztovszki Zsolt

No description

Namesztovszki Zsolt

on 24 June 2013

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Transcript of EDCMOOC - Digital artefact - Námesztovszki Zsolt

Digital artefact
EDCMOOC - Námesztovszki Zsolt
Changing my opinion about the role of social network in education during the MOOC
In the past we blocked the social media websites and use some "official" systems (such as moodle and wordpress) on our faculty (teacher training faculty) - which was not too popular among the students.
After this period, we began ignore the use of social media for educational purposes.
Exactly a week ago, I created a group of student (61 people student, students from higher grades and two my colleagues). The subject of survey was IT in education (the same as the title of course). I revealed many advantages, as well as some disadvantage of such altered learning environment.
Students have been registered in system, where they are often available
Familiar environment
Possibilites of other (non-educational ) activities (chat, games, viewing profiles etc.)
Inadequate comments
Interactive and intensive communication
Easy to share link, pictures or videos
It can be activate students who are passive in offline education
Besides the sharing and comments we can chose various activities
Obscene comments and inadequate profiles
from 61 members 57 is active. Creating group and adding members took few minutes. 28 post (between 2 offline course), 93 comments nad 2 questions.
More like as comments. There where 2 partially banned user (for obscene comments).

It is very important to make our student aware of the concept of digital footprint.
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