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Learner autonomy

Exercises for primary school students

Patrycja Kantor

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Learner autonomy

Exercises for primary students Learner autonomy More activities fostering students` autonomy http://iteslj.org/Lessons/Kavaliauskiene-Autonomy2.html Book corner

Students may be responsible for classroom book corner. Each child can be a librarian who controls the lending period and keep personal record of books. They can also design a record card. Project work
Students are to make a Mother’s Day card . They can either draw a picture or make a collage from photos (in fact they are free to choose any technique) and write wishes. Map drawing

Students are to make the map of a city. Later on, they are to present it using: opposite, near, behind, next to, etc. Revision there is/ there are

Students are to write three sentences using the structure there is and three sentences using there are . They have to focus on vocabulary connected with ‘ home’. Dictation

Students were supposed to draw a monster at home. During the lesson, they work in pairs -one person is to dictate in order to the other one could draw a monster. http://whitematt.webs.com/test.htm Learner autonomy outside the classroom
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