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Mateo's goals

No description


on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Mateo's goals

My favoroite book out of all the read alouds is
The one and only Ivan because It is a realy interesting book
in book club i read the following books
1.Tales of a fourth grade nothing
2.chocolot touch
3.bud not buddy
4.the giver
5.The gammage cup

Mateo's goals
Improvements what i have learned
I have learned a lot on how to add and subtract fractions i have improved on it because stued it a lot at school and for homework
what standards will i continue to work on
I will try harder to get advanced in everything and i i will continue to multiply and stuff
my favorite part of 4th grade was adding and subtracting fractoins
One thing that i need to- improve on to be sucsesful in 5th grade is multiplying fractions
the gammage cup because I like the details
i have grown a rreader in the following ways I have been readig more
As a reader this summer i will try to win book it to the creek
welcome to
well lets go we will go the speed of light
FIRST stop improvements
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